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I purchased those about two months ago during BB's Father's Day Sale, and have found them to be quite versatile and comfortable. I did size down a half size. Its a good time to buy because Sherman Bros has 15% off for a few more days.
I really like those solid tweed sportcoats, what's the consensus on which color is more versatile, the Heather Charcoal or the Dark Charcoal? Thanks
I think you should sell the 9.5Es...
Jacket arrived yesterday, its fantastic. Bump for a great seller. Thanks
Can anyone chime in on the versatility of the Cucinelli? I'm just starting a blazer collection, and I love that coat, but I'm now sure how much wear I would get out of it.
Has anyone ever heard, or purchased from the website The website looks legit, but the prices seem a little too good to be true. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks
Is the 95 last comparable to the barrie?
Huge Price Drop - at least percentage-wise . $25 shipped.
Purchased this from Saddleback Leather last week, and its just a little larger than I anticipated. I used this for about two days so its pretty much in new condition. Looking for $SOLD shipped, these retail for $45 plus $8 shipping - additional information and pictures available at the Saddleback Leather...
Forgive my ignorance, but is the fading a defect on the jeans or do they just fade with wear? Thanks
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