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Does anyone know if the BB Pratt is on the same last as the BB Straton?
Price drop - $60.00 shipped conus.
I accidentally purchased two pairs of the same pants, so just looking to get back what I paid - $65, now $60 shipped CONUS. Brand New With Tag, Size 34 Mabitex Gray and Black Houndstooth Cotton Actual Measurements Waist 35 Length 46 Leg Opening 8 Rise 10 Picture used with permission, thanks eddievddr10.
Can you post measurements?
Just picked this up on Ebay. Although its actually quite nice and in great condition, it doesn't fit me quite right and I realize now that I don't have much use for it. Yet another impulse purchase. Here's the link - I think I got a good deal on this, and I'm just asking what I paid, $100 shipped. Thanks Yes, it is a Size 40. Sorry, I screwed up the original title.
This may be a stupid question, but on the Black Fleece, are the sleeves a bit long for a standard 42 overcoat?
Sorry, think I bought all the 34s.
If only the sleeves were longer...
It looks like that with the current sale (and the F&F Deal starting tomorrow) some of the Black Fleece Suits can be purchased for $600. Here and here for example. I know these are now made by Southwick, and perhaps are not of the same quality that they were years ago, but would you guys say these are a good value at this price? Thanks in advance.
3714-17, I purchased it six months ago and admire it every day.
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