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Any thoughts on the Linen Back Pleat Jacket? I'm looking for something in navy linen, and I usually like Black Fleece, but I'd appreciate others' opinion since I'm not too familiar with the style.
Price Drop - Now $165
Please stop bumping your thread without price drops.
Price drop to $185. And in response to the comments: Yes, I know the fit is odd, but I can tell you I'm a 10 and they are a bit too small for me. Happy to add a picture of the writing on the inside if anyone wants to see that they are indeed marked an 11. Yes, the soles are stamped "Genuine Shell Cordovan" - you can almost see it in the sixth picture. I'll post a better picture of the soles when I get home.
Jarman Shell Cordovan Saddle Shoes - Fit like a 9.5d - $200 - Now $145 Purchased these about six months ago, and despite trying to convince myself otherwise, they are just a bit too small. They are marked a size 11, but I'd say they are more like a 9.5d. For reference, I wear a 9.5d in the Barrie Last and a 10 in pretty much everything else. They've only been worn about five or six times and are in great condition. Aside from indications of normal wear, the only issue...
Anyone know if the Allen Edmonds Shelton (walnut/brown) is made of corrected grain leather?
Agreed, I really hope someone buys this soon so I don't have to.
Open to any of the usual SF Approved Brands, Size 40/42 or Size Large. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by jolinlovesjunya Interested. Pls contact Seriously...
PM Sent - I need those Pratts.
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