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I own a few of these, and they are excellent quality. Definitely not too thick.
Really nice work. Thanks for this.
Measurement on the Castangia Blazer?
I've purchased way too many ties recently, and I'm looking to thin out my collection some. The Brooks Brothers were purchased from Steve Smith (amazing seller btw) and are NWT. The RL Rugby has been worn once and is in like new condition except for one stitch on the "keeper" tag being loose. The other ties are a Psycho Bunny (SOLD) and Holland & Sherry that have been worn one or two times, and appear to be in perfect condition. Going from left to right in the pictures,...
Very nice, and really great layout for a sales thread. Must resist...
Payment sent for 23 and 27. Thanks
Now $145, and then I guess its off to Ebay.
I purchased this off of a forum member last month and disappointingly, it's just a bit too small. Here is the description and pictures from the original post. Size 40R. 100% wool. Exquisite details and craftsmanship. Teriffic wool fabric, excellent weight. The pattern is a light colored mini hounds tooth. Notch lapel, 3/2 roll button, side vents, pick stitching, front jacket ticket pocket; flat front slacks, partially lined, ticket pocket with button-up flap. New...
$750 I think
Not mine, but a 40r needs to buy this, I would, but I just bought one here last month.
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