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Quote: Originally Posted by minnesnowman Can anyone tell me if these are NC's or PS's? I really like the fit. Thanks! Stacks very much like my pair of sz 27 PS. His could be a sz 25 or 26 though, the top blocks looks a little tighter.
I'll admit that what comes next is not constructive criticism, but you have a little bit of a pear shape thing going buddy. Perhaps a longer tee shirt and a little big of a sag would help. In the long run though I'd recommend some lateral shoulder raises.
Can anyone recommend some Baller non-dress socks? (Dore-Dore, Pantherella and Paul Smith being out).
^^ good overall 'fit', some might think it douchey though. If I had a complaint I would say that I dislike the colour of the tee shirt. Is that dark grey or dark green? perhaps try a white v-neck.
last price drop, going on holiday for a month.
Last price drop.
price drop, everything must go.
To those who like JD May's fit, is it the individual pieces you guys like or it is actually the entire ensemble worn by JD May?
^^beat me to it
price drop
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