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Sigh. We've banned so many people I would love to see reappear, and we get this one. Where's Vanity when we need him?
1733.2 + 6.2 = 1739.4
Thought we were rounding to 1 decimal place, so 1715.2 + 6.2 = 1721.4
8588 + 30 = 8618
Jakarta is a shithole but has amazing nightlife and a surprisingly impressive disregard for carnal morality. Phnom Penh is pretty fun. Really growing up at the moment. God, when I first went it was dark. Seriously creepy dark. But we made the most out of it :-) Pattaya is pretty insane in a human safari of sin kinda way. Fun place for a bachelor party but basically a hole. Phuket blows but it's busy, I'd say jump on the boat to Phi Phi for young drunk girls on nicer...
+ 6.2 = 1671.7
Gentlemen My girlfriend managed to lose my New Wayfarers last week in Laos. Loved those things. She will burn for this. Been looking at the Warby Parker Thatcher as a possible replacement, any comparison on dimensions? Normal Wayfarers are a bit too 'deep' for my face so if the Warbys fit more like the old than the New, best to stick to what I know. Any help appreciated Matt
Edit.... I fucked up on my phone so correcting this and the next post. 1633+3.1=1636.1
While I am not modding as much as I used to, I guess by virtue of the switchboard that I have and the rest of you don't, plus general longevity, I can buy in here with some authority. Think of SF as a bar. The rules aren't often posted on the walls and really shouldn't need to be for the patrons to know what kind of conduct is and is not acceptable. If you wouldn't say it to the guy next to you at the pub in front of the whole room, then don't say it here. Feel free to...
Interested in what the gallery thought of that one. You guys like shantaram?
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