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1834.5 + 9.3 = 1843.8
the ACT has an economy?
Sigh. We've banned so many people I would love to see reappear, and we get this one. Where's Vanity when we need him?
1733.2 + 6.2 = 1739.4
Thought we were rounding to 1 decimal place, so 1715.2 + 6.2 = 1721.4
8588 + 30 = 8618
Jakarta is a shithole but has amazing nightlife and a surprisingly impressive disregard for carnal morality. Phnom Penh is pretty fun. Really growing up at the moment. God, when I first went it was dark. Seriously creepy dark. But we made the most out of it :-) Pattaya is pretty insane in a human safari of sin kinda way. Fun place for a bachelor party but basically a hole. Phuket blows but it's busy, I'd say jump on the boat to Phi Phi for young drunk girls on nicer...
+ 6.2 = 1671.7
Gentlemen My girlfriend managed to lose my New Wayfarers last week in Laos. Loved those things. She will burn for this. Been looking at the Warby Parker Thatcher as a possible replacement, any comparison on dimensions? Normal Wayfarers are a bit too 'deep' for my face so if the Warbys fit more like the old than the New, best to stick to what I know. Any help appreciated Matt
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