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I agree with pretty much everything you just said, but it was a spectacular waste of keystrokes. He's not listening. He just wants advice he can say "isn't suitable in his case" so that he can justify the situation to himself on the grounds that at least he sought advice. Or he's trolling (pretty well).
I have big blue bug eyes thankyouverymuch
Cambridge satchel and a watch case from my girlfriend Christopher Ward watch from myself.
I never normally bother to do my calves. On Monday I did. Now is Wednesday. I can't walk.
Slow going on Sophie's World. I'm forging on, but it hasn't really gotten me in at all. Combination of a few things:1. flimsy ass childish story to hold its premise together2. crappy translation from Norwegian to English.I mean, it's OK, and I'm all in favor of the 'let's dumb down what St Augustine was talking about and make it accessible' approach, but it's stitched together with some weird narrative that I just could not give a shit about.Also you can see just from...
Pretty loyal to New Balance. Currently 660s, but have had various models over the years.
yup I had one about five years back. Hurt. To this day I don't know what caused it. I was cross country running and boxing back then, but not lifting at all, so I really don't know where it came from.In my case when I walked a lot, i'd get a sharp pain basically at the crease between the very top of my legs and the bottom of my stomach, basically an inch or two to the right of the top of my pubes. This went on for a while and I just kinda ignored it.One night I got...
So while he is kind of inactive these days, RJMan will always hold a special place in the SF Hall of Fame, so I thought I would throw up a congratulations thread for His Lurking Ass on the birth of his first son. Congratulations man!
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