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^ nice thought but no point...her mother will have to jump up and down on her suitcase to get them to fit and get them home anyhow...
^killed that fast. Was a good read.
Just started this on a flight this morning.... Kind of entertaining.
RJMan left and then kidnapped kdub.
thanks guys, I mentioned Chang to her as well (but don't own any myself). Noted.Re measurements, the best she will be able to do is kidnap a well fitting shirt from his closet and use that as a measurement guide and then make the stylistic choices from there.
Found it! http://www.styleforum.net/t/13042/hof-critique-my-jantzen-does-it-look-ok-pics Now....where's that Thomas Pink kite?
With all due respect to the triple tweed, what this time capsule really needs is the Critique My Jantzen pics....
throw me into the 'good to see he's alive and well' camp.
one of my all time top 2 or 3. Love that book.
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