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Edit.... I fucked up on my phone so correcting this and the next post. 1633+3.1=1636.1
While I am not modding as much as I used to, I guess by virtue of the switchboard that I have and the rest of you don't, plus general longevity, I can buy in here with some authority. Think of SF as a bar. The rules aren't often posted on the walls and really shouldn't need to be for the patrons to know what kind of conduct is and is not acceptable. If you wouldn't say it to the guy next to you at the pub in front of the whole room, then don't say it here. Feel free to...
Interested in what the gallery thought of that one. You guys like shantaram?
Staying with the theme of 'important stuff I skipped in college', next up is Don Quixote
+5=1520.3 thanks to a crisp morning jog around gorgeous Luang Prabang
Greetings from Laos fellow SF runners :-) Took a run along the Mekong this morning, couldn't really measure distance, but I am calling it 3 miles, so 1372.66. 23528.84 to go...
Just found this thread, nice idea. I've done 35km this week, so 22 miles = 1071
Not sure I can bring myself to take that on actually Ed. Take this to mean you cover-to-covered it yourself.
Not sure how I managed to avoid reading this for so long, but just started:
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