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Yup,I heart my Kindle too. Older keyboard model. Given that i live in a place with very few English books and very high censorship on those which people try to import, that little thing is my best friend out here. If classic literature is your thing, Project Gutenberg is a pretty wonderful resource as well.
Cool, easy math today. 2100+30=2130
Doing a bunch of old John La Carre spy novels now...
Eason pointed me at this...I quite like it: http://www.ironaddicts.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8050 I've added in more ab/core work than prescribed here (mostly because I am kinda weak there), but other than that, following it pretty closely.
Was that your philosophy professor or your English professor?
so I seem to have strained something in my shoulder....pull ups hurt like hell I'm doing bent over rows instead so my back doesn't forget about me...don't suppose they count toward the tally though. Hey Fok - in unrelated news, I don't hit the switches of the mod control panel that often any more, but I locked the 2012 thread with a link to this one to stop anyone posting there...assume you have no issue with that gross misuse of my powers.
then post them in the new thread. I'm gonna abuse some mod powers and close this thread for the preservation of the 2013 thread here.
Family portrait from our end... me, spb_lady and Lada
my head hurts.
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