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OK thanks Foo.So...remember, I'm not American so forgive my ignorance (wow, there's a phrase I always thought I would have framed the other way)...essentially would it be fair to say that:is basically what you are getting at here:ie. the process may have been fatally flawed (unconstitutional to even ask) and that is essentially what they have to beat out at present?Is that a fair small word summary?
OK I don't quite get this one....so maybe someone can use small words for me (so Chris...that means no more of this certiorari business). For the record I am all for marriage equality. That's not what I am questioning here. Personally I think the best way to achieve such a thing is to ban straight marriage, but lord knows that pisses my girlfriend off every time I say it out loud. As such, I support attempts to legalise gay marriage. OK....disclaimer on the record...
did a short 5k the other night, so +3.1 = 2441.9
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