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+5=1520.3 thanks to a crisp morning jog around gorgeous Luang Prabang
Greetings from Laos fellow SF runners :-) Took a run along the Mekong this morning, couldn't really measure distance, but I am calling it 3 miles, so 1372.66. 23528.84 to go...
Just found this thread, nice idea. I've done 35km this week, so 22 miles = 1071
Not sure I can bring myself to take that on actually Ed. Take this to mean you cover-to-covered it yourself.
Not sure how I managed to avoid reading this for so long, but just started:
for jogging i LOVE my Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680s - very good sound (they don't rival my Grados, but you can't run in those things) don't move, great water resistance, no bouncy cabley weird thwappy echoey sounds. Excellent. Ran a half marathon in a monsoon in these things and I didn't miss a beat.
Ed just called other people losers. QFP.
New Posts  All Forums: