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Zach - didn't you start a thread like 5 yrs ago asking what you can do with your 45 yr old bum of a sister?
in my younger years (95 then again in 99) I solo travelled the hell out of the US. 30 day Amtrak unlimited travel pass, my backpack, a few hundred bucks in my pocket, and really not much else to get me around but my wits. Some of the best times of my life. Everyone should do it.
ok guys, I've been pretty happy with my Nudie Average Joes, and may well go back, but thought I would hang this out there. I would like to spend under $150. I would like dry. I would prefer selvage (which means the Nudies would be non selvage at that price point). Any other recommendations? I've looked at a few things Fok suggested (United, Naked and Famous), but they all seemed to be way way too tight. I'm not a fan of the nut-split and have a pretty solid frame...
Continuing my predilection towards 'stuff I was supposed to read in college but didn't', I just started Lolita.
kinda forgot about this thread boys sorry... um - I guess I will just give myself credit for this week and do +60 = 36599
Bump... Just switched from Ubuntu 13.04 to the Beta 2 of Elementary. Wow. Gorgeous OS, super light, super fast. Still some stability issues with the beta which will hopefully be ironed out by the RC and full release, otherwise, loving it.
Late to the party here I know, but as the (semi retired) godfather of all things boys' trip, my two cents... 1. I ALWAYS set the price to make sure that the humblest-means-dude among the crew does not feel left out. It that means some of the rest of us sleep in a crappier hotel than we would have otherwise booked, so be it. The boys are more important than the hotel. 2. Don't go. You can't afford it, and being further in debt to this dude is hardly a good thing. You...
31577+30= 31607
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