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Is anyone else doing Coursera Game Theory 1 from Stanford at present?
the highlight of my modding life.
Haha, nothing interesting, just a bunch of spammers. I kinda wandered on my merry way around the time J and Fok brought in the then-new forum system, so was a first for me. I still can't work out how to time people out though...
It had been years since I swung a ban hammer.
What do you do Reggs?
funnly enough i was just looking in to hiring a teacher again. I tend to put it down and pick it up about three years later and find that i've forgotten everything...it's in the fingers somewhere I'm sure. Was also looking into making an electric. Any knowledge of the GFS pickups? They sound too good to be true (at their pricepoint)... Otherwise life be decent. Work decent. Still with Julia (aka SPB_Lady) - over 4 yrs in SF's first official coupling...otherwise, ya,...
hehe - deliberately picked out my thread title to confuse the noobs and set off alarms in the oldies. how's life pio?
Learn the hell out of social media and digital marketing (or at least learn how to sound like someone who learned the hell out of social/digital)...all the PR firms on earth are scrambling to stay relevant, and this is where they are hiring now. Combine this newfound knowledge with the journalism study and position yourself as someone to work on Providing Compelling Digital and Social Content. Then take above advice about showing up at industry events etc.
Julia bought me a biplane flight over wineries outside Melbourne a couple years back. That was pretty badass.
Yup. What are you up to these days Mike? You'd be all grownsed up now, right?
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