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Getting into golf lately (so for you old school SFers, yes, the glory years are over and this is what I am reduced to) and going to need some sunglasses. I wear 2132 Wayfarers pretty much everywhere I go, but they wiggle around way too much to be golf friendly. With good reason, the Oakley style wrap around glasses dominate the category, but they just don't suit me (plus I feel like a douchebag just standing near them). So, any suggestions on other glasses, preferably...
shocking! i would never use my mod privileges for pranks, would I Edina?
Wouldn't that just glue her shut?
Well I'm hating this season. S3 sucked, but i was glad they wiped Brody out. Was hoping the reboot would give it a new lease on life but at the moment it's not worth the price of the illegal downloads I'm using to watch it. Not sure how much longer I'll last....
yeah, this one I can vouch for. I'm nowhere near the mod I once was, but Back In My Day, j implemented something like this and it was a nightmare. They didn't post new threads, they spammed up existing threads, and that was so much harder to track down that when it was all at the 'top level' and easily visible.
Jesus, the spamming is insane around here. Didn't used to be this bad. Fok, anything you can do in the control booth there to filter out all the live streaming shit?
I chose the other way and regretted it by class three (and withdrew at about class 6). Posted the above at quiz time as I sat there thinking "well this looks nothing like the course material" and hoped someone could bail me out! Was very much a calculus thing rather than a behavioural approach. I have previously done The Great Courses game theory and really enjoyed it (for the exact opposite reason)
Nah, unlikely. Was there for a friend's court date (messy divorce, moral support) so a couple of nights drinking and I was outta there. Julia and I debating a Palawan trip in December, but looking unlikely...accommodation there just way too expensive :-(
Above my pay grade I'm afraid. I think only J and Fok can do that.
New Posts  All Forums: