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well i dont know if anyone else has ever met their wife on SF, but here is a pic from my wedding tonight with spb_lady.
Thanks for the it sorted through a colleague of my brother.Thanks again.
So this is a longshot, but anyone here from Perth willing to do a giant favor for styleforum's favorite australian expatriated emeritus moderator? PS: I'm talking about me!
haha, well it kinda was. I just mean tidy up the presentation (haircut, apparel) and relax a bit.
Great site, thanks again nootje!
Not ugly, just scruffy and nervous looking.
Very cool of you to post, thanks! I think I will mental-note your breakdown above, so when he tells me to 'suit myself' I think 'last week was driver, back to the short irons for a while' and keep myself in check like that. I am 90 percent sure if I tried to 'step change' on the upper deck at my driving range, then I will plummet to my death. No faith in my coordination at all! Will poke around that site, thanks again.
Thank you very much for those insights. Never even know you were a teacher. You will live to regret revealing this little nugget of information to me at this point in my life!Maybe 'curriculum' was the wrong word, but I suspect in a roundabout kind of way, we may actually be saying similar things. If it depends on my "abilities and progress", he should be the one assessing that, no? As opposed to saying "whatever you want Matt" and letting me decide what I will work on...
2 lessons down...progress is being made. As above, he has pulled me apart and put me back together, and the togetherness is starting to come together. A few cases-in-point (and I am prepared for mocking on my distances)...with The Matt Swing (all arms basically), I'd be proud of 100 yards with a 7 iron (!). Yesterday I was hitting my PW 120. 10 in a row actually...then the wheels completely fell off Historically I have been petrified of a driver and tended to mumble...
Congrats! I, on the other hand, just had my worst ever trip to the driving range. It was humiliating!
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