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Good evening SFers, I have two gift cards up for sale: - $200 Gift Card for Ruth's Chris Steakhouse - $200 Gift Card for Tom's Shoes Price is $180 per card and shipping is included. Thanks for looking! - Noel
Hi, I just wanted to make sure that pit-to-pit was 19'' and not shoulder-to-shoulder. Could I get the shoulder measurements if pit-to-pit is accurate? Thanks! - Noel
Visited the site today - awesome idea man!
Quote: Originally Posted by garymyman Those are great... except for the dry cleaning requirement. Oh wow - just saw that... I woulda just tossed them in the wash with all my other cottons. Still - awesome pants! Sorry for the sidebar but now I'm curious...what would happen if you DID wash them?
PM Sent
PM Sent
Thanks for the info!
What are the measurements shoulder to shoulder?
Any room to let out on the pants? I'm on the smaller side of a 44, so I think the jacket would work - I may have to let the pants out though....
Does length refer to inseam or total length of the pants?
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