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Quote: Originally Posted by changed maybe Ill just pay $3 more for the black ones iirc, the fading on the black ones weren't all that impressive
^^i was in the same boat. what i did was just sit in a bathtub full of hot water for an hour or so...then i took em off and hung them out to dry. they fit fine
Quote: Originally Posted by Kregg FTFY. =\\ im still new to this style thing i need all the help i can get
i just keep it simple...solid color shirt from AA and a my 501s
i have a pair of size 36 APC rescues if you'd like to check them out..ive been meaning to sell them for a long time. let me know!!
Quote: Originally Posted by premo So where do people keep their cellphones? I own an iPhone and always keep it in my front left pocket.. sure there's a phone fade now which I don't mind but apparently looks bad but where else am I supposed to keep it? A fucking fanny pack? lol same here
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong ^ If you can fit into them right now, they should stretch out enough to fit you post-soak, although they'll probably always be fairly snug. If you want to minimize the discomfort of stretching them out, though, you can always just wear them into a bath to shrink them and they won't shrink below your actual waist. ya, i guess i'll just do that. and i want them to be somewhat snug...the old pair was starting to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Our_Benefactors It depends on the denim, but for 501STF yes, you HAVE to soak them first. STF stands for "shrink to fit", meaning that they're unsanforized. If you don't soak them at first, when you finally do soak/wash them they will shrink and all your creases etc. that you've been working on will shift and no longer be in the right place. Some raw jeans come sanforized which basically means "preshrunk", and don't require a...
do you HAVE to soak raw denim before wearing it? just bought a new pair of 50 1 STFs and im thinking about just keeping em unsoaked for a couple months. what do you guys think?
if i'm wearing a size 36 in levis 501 stf, what size should i order in APC NS?
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