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new dick and ap on mh, along with leftover ann and a few ss pieces (grabbed the tux collar blazer under 4 bills, hope it fits)
Lotus, I've only seen the indigo stripe on sale and still available in M theres also the denim ws on sale but only in L chambray still at retail and only S & XL that I've seen available
when I was living in canada I tried veilance, acronym & sisp I liked sisp the best but thought none was worth retail sisp & veilance were easily found discounted, acronym not so much
topic was just covered a couple pages back cliff notes: - bottom pocket flats are untuckable - print is more of a tie dye rather than batik - a bit restrictive to pair with colors other than blue, black, white or grey summary: - I personally would not wear it to a wedding but still a pretty sick jacket bonus: - currently on sale in the 216 - 260 range
looks like contrasting front/back panels aside from left/right, do let us know when you find out
also iirc mbaum has the xl for sale, maybe you could trade as I think he takes L in that
batik baker was on sale couple days ago for around 220 iirc
forwards got some decent stuff other than the rickdidas at 40-50% (geller, ro, schneider, etc)
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