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it does look a bit messy but still better than half buttoned imho, I'd also cuff the shirt sleeve a bit higher but thats just personal preference on that type of fit though you should just do what feels comfy and natural to you
I'm further south and only get up there around 1-2 times a year tops as I truly hate the traffic around the entire LA area
shirt looks good, I would unbutton it entirely though
^ just saw it at mohawk but you have to call as the stock is not visible online
^ cheers houkah, glad it worked out for you
slim to true ime also narrow armhole with slim sleeves
from my limited experience the 3arr is nice but expensive and northern part is less touristy than southern, alternatively 11arr between roquette/saint-antoine/ledru rollin
sorry for derail, back to sales now
never thought I'd warm up to them dick dunks but I'm getting there
last time a didn't get a response for around a week I just left it alone and it ended up being one of the best deals I've ever had, probably the best in terms of condition & price vs retail sometimes it pays to be patient, I mean if you're gonna get screwed then you're gonna get screwed, going crazy about it wont help, give it a month then file if you made a goods payment, otherwise eat it and move on
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