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I ninja edit all the time, this is sensitive forum after all
I saw that on sz/b&s awhile ago, nice grab moo
+115 = 35,000
ok so z150 is cow then, thanks. could thurston estimate the mark up for the full grain veg-tanned HH? i.e. z150 material cost =200 vs FGVTHH cost =400 +50 custom work fee so total mark up from z150 to FGVTHH would be 250 and therefore if the full cost was starting around 650 then for FGVTHH its gonna be around 900
for me, its no and yes
you should've hypnotized him with the b!cd stare
does z150 = light comp, 2.5 oz, cxl hh ?
+90 = 34,600
I think ken could've sized down on that jacket
Based on this pic, I think all it needs is smaller shoulder width and smaller armholes, that should take care of the extra material in the upper back & upper arm area, maybe take it in slightly at the midsection/navel area too also idk why you guys are worried about it looking tight at the hem, isnt it going to have a 2-way front zip?
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