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agree the mykita nose pads do feel softer than ic berlins, but ime the berlins stay put better than mykitas once you factor in sweat, sunscreen, etc. the softer pads on the mykita slip a bit under those conditions while the berlins stay put I live in warm climate so sweat and facial oil is always an issue and main reason the typical acetate frames never cut it for me, ymmv
just one picture? come on guys..... I wasnt expecting this kind of obscurity even if nahneun had been there enforcing a pic-ban on everybody
+130 = 47,400
the ones on my ic berlin work great, not sure what they are but hold better than my mykita and those I think are made of silicone which still work pretty good
I didnt see anything like that grey/green one
I like that jun jacket, where2kopp
^ are you kidding man, he lives in colorado so you know he's smoked it all and then some
tbh, I dont even like slp current styling, just not my thing and not even curious, but thanks for the heads up
^ no shit, can blame me for trying though, hearsay is one thing but given the opportunity I had to try them out for myself, and hearsay was right! ps- that grey ss looks so good
I tried on several 5zips at the flagship last month and tbh none of them felt good or even nice, just one felt decent, rest were shait
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