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Sounds like just slightly if any though, earliest I've had is fw08 in size 28, which would equate to xs, and it had about a 30" inseam, same with the rest I've had, and iirc next size up (30) had the same inseam length, so if you consider .5" a heavily reduced leg length, then yeah
aint no shame in a budget grail
apc ns od black
hows rip van winkle sizing & fit go?
its a slow day, please indulge us with a brief statement of where you're going with this
fellow pessimist here and would kind of agree (but as long as it doesnt scream american tourist I'm good)also not gonna be walking through the cities/sites carrying it, that shit stays in hotel/trainstation/car/etc, and when I'll have to, well theres the velcro thing
thanks, I've had several lanvin captoe and a couple mmm gats and would agree lanvin are super comfy but I wear out the heel part pretty fast, even faster on the gats, so looking for alternatives I've had buttero boots but no sneakers yet, might give them a try with comfort insole
^ thanks for the rec (are maple leaf patches available?)
how would you stack them (buttero and cp) vs lanvin low captoe in comfort and durability?
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