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some rick, prada, balmain, etc, jackets and coats at the big g mr oven is mainly the sheer stuff in black, white & cream, although some is pretty cheap, leather worker in 40 for a stack, some jungle vests @600, balmain leather moto @700, rest of the brand list is just ramdoms, a couple balenciaga items too
lanvin raw edge overcoat, over 90% off, sz 34, sadly too warm for me http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/lanvin-mille-feuille-edge-overcoat-501801013.html?index=36&cgid=clearance-whsmclothing
I recall this comment by fycus
quoted for sheer sig-worthiness
not sure, last time I bought was last year through a local proxy, I did call them prior with some questions and had decent english convo with an employee
also line camera phone app has some good enough adjustment options built in for direct from phone posts
auto-erotic asphyxiation
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