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still waiting for breezy to post some kind of cirque du soleil outfit
nice fit knight, I really like the fold over cinch strap detail on the painters regarding the tablier, - how far does it wrap around your back? - have you considered hemming the tablier in order to wear it a bit lower on the waist? - is there any other way you could think of wearing it? - if possible, could you post measurements and maybe a pic spread out, or is it just a big square with the smaller fold over part, I want to get a feel for the size/shape of this thing and...
did you size down on that? I was going to grab it but measurements seemed to big to go with 46, still 2 sz 48 left http://www.myhabit.com/?ie=UTF8#page=d&dept=men&sale=A12A5E8JTHGFCX&asin=B00FZPHK0S&cAsin=B00FZPHLR0&ref=qd_g_b_img_d_65
did somebody say inspiration?
I cant wear fedoras, ball caps or cowboy hats, but pretty much anything else is game
if the base model is this then...
yoox roulette, brand is masnada, basically a slim robe in a fabric similar to light jersey
+132 = 29,500
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