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I'll take that as a compliment (#natural high) I did have a long vacation and normal life/work issues in between the forgetting and remembering (#priorities)
so who has grabbed the navy batik andover? I think PRT got it but not sure, penny for your thoughts.... I was pretty much convinced I was going for the black batik baker then kind of forgot about it a bit but then remembered and realized the navy batik andover would pair much much better with my current wardrobe, the lighter tone, the green and the slightly more even print are all pros for me vs the black batik, also cant get over the bottom pocket flaps on the baker,...
are we talking early or late 90's? both such a blur though, used to wear lots of prada and moschino back then, never got into the versace thing actually wish I'd kept a few pieces
I used shoe goo on my last pair of gats, worked out great
toast, I've seen those pants around, one of the overseas shops should still have some, good luck
I've been on vacation for the whole challenge but still want to participate so I'll post a previous fit and the best I can do with my travelling wardrobe Past fit Travel fit
Wool/Cotton twill is as close as it gets for all season wear imho
Thanks, got to check out several in amsterdam mentioned here, thanks to all for the recsCurrently in prague before I hit paris next week, if anyone has recs for prague I'd greatly appreciate it
Also just read this book at a coffee house in rotterdam,
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