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currently subtropic, but other than arms and face/neck, I haven't sunbathed in ages and wearing slim pants for a few years now has rubbed out leg hair unevenly
currently looking at a long coat but just wanna dip my toe into the brand really would try any piece that looks good but afraid my height to shoulder-width ratio is not good for the pagoda, been looking mainly at raglan or soft shoulder jacket/coats
am I the only one here that simply cannot wear shorts anymore? not sure which is worst between absurdly pale skin tone and uneven highly contrasting leg hair maybe I should get laser hair removal and a spray tan
how are the sleeve and body lengths in relation to size?
website is down now
mink oil rub will loosen it up and dull the shine down a bit too
he didnt post in the pullup thread for over a week, so I'm pretty sure something went down hang in there Jet (sending positive vibes your way)
nice jacket prague, how thick/warm is it? would look a lot better imho with black pant, sluttier t and popped collar
soqueriaterum, length looks good and body doesnt look that boxy to me, with a sweater and scarf under it should look/fit much better garmentcandy, cant see shit
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