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you mention shirt & jacket yet you only mention comparing the baker to the bedford, which are both jackets, so im a bit confused, but the baker has a more strait cut and the bedford has more of the tipical eg A cut, sleeves are usually roomier on the bedford and both will have questionable sleeve length in size xs, if you're over 5'9" or have long arms you might be better off with a small
I dont see any smize there, so no
proof has restocks on nomad and iron ox + 30% off code: yellowking30 (guess they like td as well)
restocks on nomad and iron ox + 30% off code: yellowking30
extra 15% off sale items @bureau SALEXTRA15
fw is usually cut roomier than ss across the board for jackets to allow for more layering then again this is eg we're talking about and some seasons are just inconsistent in sizing
lucky day?http://mohawkgeneralstore.com/catalog/designers/mens-designers/engineered-garments/engineered-garments-andover-floral-printed-flannel-jacket-in-grey.html
ime from slimmest to roomiest (obviously more jackets in collection but this is standard for most seasons) andover
+56 = 13,120
^ nordstrom ships a silk blouse in a big ass reinforced cardboard box, happens all the time
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