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since they made a size run of 5 (sz's 3-7) and 14 are clearly visible in that pic, I'll guess that they made 3 of each sz and maybe just 2 of sz 7?either that or tween was wearing one when that pic was taken
blk dnm black leather bomber for 350, l/xl left (w/free shipping and $3.99 returns) http://www.myhabit.com/#page=d&dept=men&sale=A30TKS9VUU3JDC&asin=B00K5Q6QQ6&cAsin=B00K5Q6WJC&qid=aps-0KJNJV4FSNBEEC4411QJ-1409971976437&sindex=62&ref=qd_men_sr_2_14
+220 = 75,350
mixed white & brown rice with lentils and shredded chicken breast + cooked veggies, fresh avocado and homemade hot sauce
anybody got some EL stockist info (I could only find some on g-pope & patron-otn)
some y-3 on mh http://www.myhabit.com/ref=pe_391690_123200370_doi?src=email&sale=ANWKPQJJ05SLC#page=b&dept=men&sale=ANWKPQJJ05SLC
I thought you were committed...... [[SPOILER]]
I successfully removed the shoulder patch on a cpo not sure how that translates to the bedford elbow patches but just thought I'd throw that out there also I'm expecting @in stltches next fit pic to be something like this
its feels like a thicker tech-y or slightly coated gabardine to me
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