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I agree its quite polarizing and definitely not for everyoneits poured concrete over steel beams, and please define "legally"also, I would hate to have to witness this in person
so regarding from japan, I want an item from y!jp but it already has 1 bid, is a sniper bid like an auto last second bid? also seller has 0% fb, should that be a concern?
I like benes fit although personally I would invert the colors (darker tops and same or lighter bottoms) to avoid looking top heavyss fits me either bursting at the shoulders when tts or way too long if I size upalso thanks for the house thumbs guys, and @einstine the outside is pretty bland but the yard is nice [[SPOILER]]
+204 = 98,000
34 is sold out at inventory and bureau, you should give mac in sf a call pronto, not sure who else carried it but you could email nny to ask
I posted several quick pics once in rft after I first posted this pic in reference to some talk about the use of concrete in homes or somethingafterwards I took them down and promised to do a writeup once we finished the house which is still in the process, several rooms are still unfurnished and we've just started with some decorations on the big outer walls, hell even the living room sofa is just coming in this weekend after over a year looking for one lol, its just that...
but, but, was there a note on the care tag?
its all regis (+dick t)
I got to wear a sweater over the weekend
neither is gonna hold up as a top layer through winterI used to get 3 season wear out of my cpo's in toronto, as a top layer in spring/autumm and mid layer through winter
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