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stretching in the thighs is minimal, most of the stretching is in the upper block.
CD, I'd dye it or try to find matching cream pants
Yeah thats no bedford, it's missing the second breast pocket, and since I see button cuffs my guess would be engineer too
I wear the ns's, they're a slim strait cut, not too tapered like the ps or pns \
my take on the thumb issue is like this: - a thumb = I lke the fit or I agree with the comment - the absence of a thumb = I dont like the fit or I dont agree with the comment - a neg thumb = I'm just hating on you for whatever reason, be it related to the fit/comment or not Maybe a view counter would work for balance purposes in the sense that gdl describes, say for instance if a fit or comment has X number of thumbs in relation to Y number of views by individual...
I had both size 26 & 25 and I found the difference in fit between them to be more than what the numbers would lead you to think also the rise shortens quite a bit, I'd say at least a full inch maybe more, sz 26 still has 3 buttons on the fly but sz 25 only had 2 iirc needless to say I kept the 26's and sold the 25's, these were ns and my true waist is also around 28"
they're looking good mate
yeah hold a bit longer zhang personally I'd wear them another 6 months, or as long as you can, and do a full wash you'll get fades with a deep contrast and they'll just keep getting better from there
really?btw- I think the buttero are more versatile
it's 'cuz you're almost as white as he was
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