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I thought fok was riding around pitti in a real scooter, I thought we were scooter buddies now, why not just use a skateboard instead also forgot this small and bit dingy chinesse? restaurant on valencia?, like 10 tables or so, food was good, crowd was 20's-40's and the music was great, just cant remember the name
so how's Snowmageddon III coming along? any pics? I was expecting a fit pic of c4est ridding a sled over several feet of snow pulled by nahneun in the range rover
I dont get to wear my fw cpo's enough
My wife really likes bi-rite creamery and tartine bakery, also you can drive up to napa and have a few tastings and a nice dinner, take a stroll in gg park around the tea garden and museum, oh and you have to go to mac, that place should have lots of stuff that fits your style
Van Buren's in the white house by 2024, you heard it here first...
denim looks good, boots too shinny though, did you polish them or something?
looks like a wack referee outfit to me
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