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love that coat mulan, where's the stock pic from? (might kop if not too warm)
forealz,,, waiting game sucks eh!, what size you get?
I just want to know what happened with dww's junya moto?
I think penance's fit looks good, upper block should soften up with wear and eventually lay better on his shoulders and neckline
late to the classified argument but (as nahneun would say) the canadian in me wants to help I'm pretty much the same 28" waist and 36" chest, I used to wear tight shit all the time but not anymore, all tight shit is ok sometimes but it mostly works on guys who are really really skinny and look pretty young imo, otherwise there has to be some balance with volume, even if just a little bit say for example a tight top and slightly loose bottom or tight bottom and looser top...
seems like I've been waiting for jet t's over two years now, wtf man? drop the cigar and get to it! I get by with silent and qlo in the meantime
things that are high on fok's list of priorities: - more belts - perfecting the leg triangle choke - driving @synthese to the brink of insanity - finding more shit to indigo dye, or over-dye black - photography classes (not sure about this one)
paging @Lorcan7
decided to give guidi another try and got the perfect pair of boots to wear with my favorite coat, motherfuckyeahstyleforum!
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