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Step 1: email or call nny to ask who stocked those in sz 38 (212 643 9540, shop@nepenthesny.com) Step 2: call every shop on that list until you hopefully find them
+165 = 86,200
whats up with this npgl, is it part of the crossfit fad?
this^ sounds like a great project, I'm gonna try it myself (except maybe I'll go with a light-medium grey or a cobalt blue for the paint)
yeah, I used to wear mine strictly with black bottoms up in canada but found it too warm for socal really nice jacket though, pretty sure afl is doing it justice
the velvet on both those jackets I posted only goes about 2/3's down the front to around bottom pocket flap height if you look closely at the second pic you can see where it ends
I had the dark grey hb morning with black velvet collar and also found it tricky to wear with my wardrobeI think I sold it to afl a while back and I also think it works better with his style [[SPOILER]] the collar on yours looks more like an iridescent copper-peach tone, right?I thought only the brown wp had that collar [[SPOILER]] I'd maybe try it with brown or gray wool pants but yeah could easily end up looking like a barker
+180 = 85,450
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