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looks very grandpa~ish in a cool way and mad cheap, but 55% acrylic thats rare for barena, no?
tk, how tall
what ^he^ saidand very interested in fit pics of those e1 and tux pants
or either one of these (or even some brown cords)
all I've seen for that is this
because I care...
I'd rather go metric
I agree on the model pics, and I did, had it taken in at tailors, amongst other things, and it fits me great now never had a split vent issue either prior or after tailoring but I have normal to slim hips btw, that fabric on the one hes selling looks stellar
yeah I'd think that's because: a) model sized down (blazer is like 30" inches long and barely reaches models hips) b) model is wearing layers c) model has ginormous ass cheeks
@Cotton Dockers, I like the engineer jacket but not sure how it would work for bizcas I've tried several but never owned one as whenever I considered it I always ended up with something else I found a bit more versatile and in the same, or similar, fabric @penanceroyaltea, really like that fit, think I'd only wear diff shoes, and is that suit dark navy with black lapel or black with black satin lapel?
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