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found it on some jp webshops blog via random google search, not 100% sure its fw14 tbh but I'll try and look it up again and post a link
you mean the chesterfield coats (these arent fw14 but they usually have at least a couple every fw season, either wool, or quilted wool) the fw14 lookbook pics only show these long coats which are not chesterfields but I also found this recent chesterfield pic, which looks to be a quilted wool fabric
thanks for the fb, I was kinda thinking about it since measurements are in my range and it seemed cheap for what it is but also thought there had to be more to it and hence why it hadnt sold yet, also pics on re-porter make it look dry and not too pliable which is not my cup of tea
+141 = 51,500
what is this donation pile that you speak of?
that's a fair point
I like the idea of silk pants, I wear 100% silk pajama pants at home during summer and hang around the house in them but the few times I've went out with them and started to sweat a bit they stick to my legs pretty bad so wondering how you deal with thatI dont have boobs but I do agree 100% with the second part of this statement
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