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+130 = 80,000
+1 on the meat slop mystery also, is fuji's bulimic flat mate penis-worthy
its damn nice, substantial, great texture, go for it...
+115 = 79,450
@Rais is the 2nd replicant I've seen here, who else?
beef taco day (handmade corn tortilla, beef, salsa, cilantro, onion, guacamole, lime juice and baked beans, with radish slices on the side, had 6 total)
I ordered a couple months back, never got any shipping info nor did the order status change on the webshop but I did get my order delivered around a week latter I say wait 'til next wed-thu and then send zam another email if they still havent arrived, you should be fine though
spope looks like hes morphing out of a cocoon
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