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haha no, I wish though, I would've asked them to pay us in jawnz any recs on a nice dark brown suede zip boot, nothing chunky though I already tried guidi backzips but got bad heel slippage, did margiela ever make a sidezip in dark brown suede
^ that Y's blazer looks great, if it fits I'd robokopp
I'm certainly no expert here but from mere observation and short research I just cant stop drooling over the oil horse dz, still not sure on sizing and would like to try them on but I know I must have them
I got stuff dating back to 08 when I was on sufu and just lurking sf, most of the stuff I've gotten up to fw11 I've kept, on the newer stuff I'm about 50/50 keep or let go not sure if its nostalgia for the older pieces or that I'm trying different stuff lately but yeah, I got a few pieces from fw09 and fw10 particularly that I'm positive I'll keep wearing 'till they fall apart
mild and windy today, happy holidays SF!
yeah sadly I saw the link hours after it ended, serves me right for not proactively searching for it
but, but, I called dibs...
benes is just a bit top heavy and needs to find a way to not accentuate that in his fits
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