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I got mine early that season but could only get my hands on a small and I kept looking for an xs ever sincein over 5 years I've only seen one other popup here and on sufu (was the same one iirc)
I dont think ss fits me well, then again I'm kinda short so sizing up is not really an option and tts has too narrow shoulders I also think benes would benefit greatly from just better pic quality/angle
+165 = 99,200
that heattech backing though
thanks, thats a bit reassuring, was under the impression that from japan only took bank wire as deposit in order to be able to bid on y!jp
but do you still have to pay the proxy service with a bank transfer and no paypal?I have less than 20 hrs to end of auction and going nutz over this 'cuz doing a bank wire seems such a hassle vs paypal
damn, were you in a rush to post, lol last correct count was 98,685 planet +100 = 98,785
last correct count was 98,640 ecco +45 = 98,685
this just totally killed my desire to purchase that item
au contraire, was cheaper to build vs purchasing existing property, lot isnt that big either also, I used to live in toronto, will likely move back eventually
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