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that looks good man, it kind of makes me reconsider that baker (only thing I'd change would be the t's color)
the previous concerns of where something was made have now moved to the QC levels implemented by the respective brands in their in-house or outsourced factories citizen/immigrant garment worker wages per country are a whole different story
agree with sticking to the 50, rick should fit slim imho the sleeves on those 50's already look a bit long and theres no ribbing to keep them in place so embrace the sausage casing or if you want a relaxed leather then buy something else
50 is tight but looks good, agree with toast that out of those 2 posted the oiled calf looks/fits better, the lamb looks a bit tighter in the shoulders/arms and I think the 52 is gonna be ridiculously long in the arms so I wouldn't even bother
you should paint them grey or black yourself, or do a pollock job on them
how does umit benan shirting run?
^ like the ones that fit the whole pack or just loosies
yoox: NEWLOOK20 10% off 1 15% off 2 20% off 3
reg cinch vest: shawl collar >> extra useless buttons And I thought you had the batik suit but now I understand that you have the navy tropical suit, tough call then indeed but either way you cant loose
thanks for the tip abraxis, I'm looking for this jacket below, theres also a similar double breasted one and a structured one with shoulder pads but not interested in those alternatively I'd go for this mid length jacket below, theres also a longer one that goes below the knee but I'm looking for the one that hits above the knee
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