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took a second look and its indeed worsted wool flannel and definitely durable with a soft hand that muted olive tone is also very versatile and would look good with almost anything only neg is that it might be a lint magnet but shouldn't be too noticeable on that fabric
says 100% wool and looks to me like the dark olive worsted wool flannel
is that andover olive moleskin?
well that sucks, thanks for the heads up
both do crazy discounts on fwk though, between 50-70% iirc
Tog, Jonathan + Olivia in Toronto MAC in SF
guess I'm just the other way around, something about sandals just doesnt work for me, I even take my bostons to the pool/beach
I dare you to try some suede bostons and not think they're awesome and comfy as hell I wouldn't endorse taking them seriously as footwear, and I personally dont like any other birks, but bostons are perfect for just hanging around the house and for quick errands, way better than any slipper/sandal I've ever tried
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