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great thread, here is what I have up for grabs: - fw08 charcoal worsted wool shawl collar cinch vest, sz small, fits xs-s - fw09 brown wp hb wool cpo, sz small, fits xs-s - ss10 tan/brown plaid cotton shawl collar cinch vest, sz small, fits xs-s - fw10 navy wool embroidery cpo, sz small, fits xs-s - ss14 navy ripstop bedford, sz small, fits xs-s
my money is on brad being hella-stoned again
I miss bam! and he does have tyrion-like wit and hair .
who is sf's tyrion?
ss maybe? I'd size up though 'cuz tts with broad shoulders doesnt work on ss coats ime
yeah stitchy def no need for baller sneakers with eg, but tbh I think you'd do better with some commando soled trickers stow or something similar that could also work with your cm casual fits
not digging that one, maybe its just the wide hb, think something less structured like eg chesterfield would work better with your style, no?
I'm older than moo too................
stitchy, I wear the fatigues cinched at the ankles with ballooning bottoms you should get an eg suit though, seriously, either matching bedford & fatigue or andover/baker & cinch pant
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