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ideal banner would be stitchy in sprezzed out cm, synth in a nice middle of the road fit, you know the shit he used to do before like denim, slutty t, coat/jacket, jelly boots, and spope with some black-market-dealer-from-the-future fit, I'm talking 5 layers minimum here all either in-file crossing road a'la beatles album, or hands covering mouth, eyes, ears in front of police line-up wall
imho mmm sidezips are very comfortable and versatile, they look good with denim or slacks without any dadcore vibes like alden or similar brands, only thing is the toebox gets scratched a bit since the sole is pretty much flush with the toebox, soles are also a bit thin but its part of their sleekness looking at the SeF pics I can see the soles look a bit thicker and extend beyond the toebox, this can be a good thing in the sense that the toebox has more protection or...
I like the sweater but I personally dislike double breasted anything
anxiously waiting for colder temps, in the meantime more boring fits
not even a decent dimple
some BoO on MH
needs +ps +beard/moustache +sock-less +cropped pant
haha, well in my defense that was back in canada when I was working a high position office job thought I was cool 'cuz I was mixing stuff like eg with lanvin and prada now I'm semi-retired and this allows me to embrace versatility and more casual fits .
I still recall back in the day when jet used to shit on me saying stuff like I could work for the jcrew cataloggotta admit it hurt a bit at the time but it also helped push me in a different directionbtw, this was the type of fit I was doing back then [[SPOILER]]
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