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after further research including runway shots I guess I'm going to wait for one of the thinner wool blazers to pop up sadly the glenplaid, which I really like, appears to be on the thicker side and I cant deal with thick wool down here
cheers for the tips guys, although I'm more cut than voluminous @notwithit totally forgot about the pullup thread, I've easily done around 10k this year and still going
thanks Vita, by any chance do you remember if there was a version with only 2 front buttons?all the pics I've seen online have 4 buttons on it so weary of one fs right now that only has 2thanks pea, and let me know if you ever wanna get rid of it to size upEdit:how is the fit in reference to eg, like compared to the same size andover for example?
how's the fit on the junya patchwork blazer and how thick is the wool on it not sure if I'm xs or s and if it'll be too hot for socal and were there 2 versions of it, one with leather elbow patches and one without, or do all of them have leather details also, sorry to hear that nevergreen, hope you come up solid from that one
@uzairh thanks, I'm not too familiar with the brand but I know thats high praise coming from you also glad to know its a recurring item, does maxfield in LA still carry L-0, any other place in LA or SF I could try? @brad-t nice option, strum is new to me and I assume its sized up for those fit pics, I was trying to translate the measurements but noticed that the small is sold out, do you know of other webshops that might carry it? @Adroit lapels look a bit wide for...
it's not that bad a suggestion really, maybe if there was an xs and leather was a bit stifferI'm really after something more unconventional looking than the standard leather blazer and the chest pocket on that one kinda kills it for me in that regard, I still appreciate the suggestion thoughI wasnt either, but after wearing my dark-brown horse coat for a while I'm really liking the style, wife loves it too and has been telling me to get another one in black/dark-grey but...
anybody have some tips or suggestions for a black/dark-grey blazer or coat in horsehide or thick calfI want to avoid all the guido-douchebag-dadcore ones, looking for a slim fit but substantial and hard wearingfor example I like these 2 but maybe theres something similar out there I'm unaware of [[SPOILER]]
I can appreciate the paneling work but think it would look better if it were more subtle to the eye, like tone on tone stitchingbut tbh, I think if you're spending that much on a jacket it should fit proper and look flattering, that one's doing neither
is the stitching off-tone on that leb jacket? I dont like how it pops, also fit looks a bit off in the shoulders, back of shoulders and elbows to me, maybe sizing down will help? or try something else thats more flattering
love that coat mulan, where's the stock pic from? (might kop if not too warm)
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