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that does look pretty good luther, albeit skin tone, facial hair and calf tat help pull it off nicely that print looks soo subtle in most pics I've seen, I wonder if its that subtle irl
while the riri/ykk zips on julius could be bigger/wider they do run pretty smooth for the most part although my opinion may be a bit biased due to a personal preference for 2 way front zips vs one way front zips and some julius leathers do have weird/corny styling but the same could be said of some rick leathers, and both have some nice ones as well
but that is a shirt though (or kimono or at least something with sleeves on it)and i've tried the scarf instead of shirt a couple times now, have to admit I like it, and although I could never go sockless, or wear shorts, I wonder if you have anymore tips since this summer looks like its gonna be a scorcher down here
so I gather jet t's are not going to be mic? (j/k)but seriously though I agree its the main reason for companies to move/outsource their manufacturing there but strict QC can still be enforced on low wage workers, it is harder and you have higher employee turnover but it can be done successfully although it does have to be another one of the companies main goals otherwise quality will always suffer when cutting manufacturing/assembly costs and/or cost of materials used, be...
very nice, thanks for the tip
it doesnt look bad as is, but personally I would've gone with white, light heather grey or a lighter shade of blue to bring out the print, but you're definitely going in the right direction I think loosing another 5-10 lbs in the gut will open lots of options for you (and you know you can do it)
that looks good man, it kind of makes me reconsider that baker (only thing I'd change would be the t's color)
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