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yes, was definitely cholo inspired
nice fit zx, I'm giving the untucked shirt + blazer a try
mok, I like bucket hats but I rarely wear them, I think they need big hair and/or big facial hair to look good, yours looks good but I like your other hats more sk, I like the fit and agree aldens are fine with jeans in general but for that particular fit I would prefer something with a commando sole
quoted from eluther's tumblr article"will get a lot of wear when I relocate to the Pacific Northwest in a few weeks."
several sz 28 ogs I no longer wear, cheap if anybody's interested....
I always thought eason was under 5' 8"
that assumption would be correct
its $50 cheaper than base model and no wait time
looks very grandpa~ish in a cool way and mad cheap, but 55% acrylic thats rare for barena, no?
tk, how tall
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