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my current coat wishlist: - tropical wool mandarin collar long coat - thick linen/ramie shawl collar robe or shop coat - reverse leather thin notched lapel mid-thigh length coat
noob is just a gator board and old thrasher mag away from being my 80's flashback hero.
Oh man, such nice fb from admired peers makes baby jesus blush, thanks guys!Sadly that is man-cleavage and this is the only other pic I took [[SPOILER]]
89,800 + 200 = 90,000
Full sz run mmm navy viscose 5zip http://www.myhabit.com/ref=pe_218440_150887430_dpi6?src=email&sale=A1ED0BLHUX2MAA#page=d&dept=men&sale=A1ED0BLHUX2MAA&asin=B012SKZZCC&cAsin=B012SMNMDY&qid=1442939488&sindex=15&ref=qd_men_eb_1_15
New mmm argentine square toe "Regis" boots http://www.ebay.com/itm/MAISON-MARTIN-MARGIELA-New-Man-Brown-Leather-Ankle-Boots-Shoes-Bootie-44-it-795-/291565910946?hash=item43e2aebba2
88,655 + 345 = 89,000
86,960 + 290 = 87,250
85,620 + 280 = 85,900
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