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I had that^one with the 2 poachers w/snaps in charcoal tweed, regret selling it
embroidered green jacket is really nice and I do like the idea of using an all black harness over a coat/jacket
love the blues, standouts for me are the reversible patchwork coats and the short asymmetrical color block jacket
anythings possible, and does seem way too much to be asking for it as is
that likely fit ultra tight and wearer pulled a hulk flex move or something, never thinking lamb wouldn't hold up, rip likely started at the back of the pit seam then ran astray I'd put a single leather piece over the whole rip area with overlock stitching and use it as a beater, then again I dont like the jut neck height or how it looks folded so prolly cut that in half to a quasi-moto height while I'm at it
can only find mediums in stock at independence but sale there was a bit ago, should have another one by the 4th though and both olive and navy mediums are still showing on their webshop but might be worth a call to make sure about stock
dont settle man, get the rs bedford, still available several places on sale, what sz you looking for?
really like the lapel-less jackets, especially that purple print one and the black multi-button signature jacket/coat, thanks for sharing
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