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slush = snow boots and change at the office no slush = commando sole and wipe off salt residue
95,265 + 535 = 95,800
current season
Brown/Green Wool Herringbone Bedford [[SPOILER]]
^ they might seem wide by comparing p2p & s2s vs most eg jackets but dont be fooled cpo's have high armholes and high side-gussets coupled with shorter sleeves, so most cpo's fit tts as an overshirt when going with the same sz as eg jackets you could likely sz down like eluther mentions for more of a regular shirt fit but dependent on your torso & arm length it might look a bit short
93,260 + 490 = 93,750
yo bert, somethings weird on that listing manpic is a bedford in wool star dobby from fw10, fabric content should be 93% wool 7% nylon, like the chesterfield you had [[SPOILER]] description and fabric content say its an andover in w/c crest jacquard which is also from fw10 but looks like this [[SPOILER]] I had a jacquard andover from that season, fit was tts, fabric had some stretch and fully lined in black cotton
anybody have a cb2 code they're not going to use?
91,120 + 380 = 91,500
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