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several good dark grey, navy and dark olive items this season though
yeah I think its is more of a personal issue, for example my wife still has, and uses, most of her winter clothes she brought down from canada, she even wears wool gloves in socal wintersbut I otoh start sweating if I try any thick coat or more than 2 warm layers,,,,, tweed, melton, serge, couldn't really handle it down here and have sold off most of my winter items
nice pickups CD, how are the leather covered? buttons on the bedford, do them seem well glued? together or any hints of future peeling... (could always sub them with other bedford buttons but it'd be good to know)
rizm closet is likely too far for a quick trip but yeah none of the stockists I know of have fw14 stock up yet
ziggy chen has some nice stand collar long coats in similar fabrics that might be worth checking out also the pinstripe patchwork junya coat is really nice (dammit, I miss cold weather steez)
could you maybe take a size down, or do you plan to layer that much under itfirst pic does seem a bit bell shaped, overall I like it but I think it kinda looks too serious for your usual fitsif you'd consider an above the knee coat then I think its hard to beat the pocket placement and versatility of eg chesterfield, the extra handwarmer pockets come in very handy once you have them, I had a couple in toronto and just wish it was practical to wear one down here
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