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I've shrunken wool sweaters successfully
I'll be back in sf next fall, will check that scrap place out, thanks for the tip I've enjoyed dying stuff but my wife has been taking sewing and pattern-making classes for a few months now and shes finally at the stage where she can make a full garment from scratch, we just need some interesting fabrics
^ looks very good though, should do a whole jacket or coat out of it
any fb on lou dalton? tech fabric collarless long coat looks good but I dont know jack squat about the brand
yes Bert!!! you need this new hobby man,,,, or any other new hobby really just make sure its one that doesn't involve posting sweet curated delicacies from the internet that keep prompting me to buy more shit I dont need
^ that's admirable patience (but I still need lots of pics when you get it)
xs looks bad tbh, way too cropped for your frame small looks a bit bloated but otherwise good as is, tailoring the sleeve seems unnecessary imo
I replaced the lining on a couple of jackets, got thick canvas replaced with viscose on a ncb leather for like 50 bucks, didnt change the shape much but felt just a tad more roomy and easier to get on-off which was what I was looking for, also got a viscose replaced with wool hb on one of my wife's leathers for like 100 bucks, then again I have a really good and cheap tailor so ymmv edit: whats up with that moto dww, anxious to see good pics of the eye line
I fluctuate from a true 28" to 29" actual waist, and I wear 26 in apc raw, 28 or XS in eg mainline pants I've tried a few eg workaday pants and the cords where the only ones that were tts and not too baggy like the fatigues or others I've tried eg mainline pants are also tts, so i'f you're a true 29 I'd go 30 or Small on the fatigues with waist-tabs/cinch-waist
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