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yes, workaday cords is smaller sizes (28/30-XS/S) run tts to tight, last pair of 30's I had measured around 15 1/4" across the waist, 28's measure around 14 1/4" if you're normally a vanity sized 30 waist in other jeans then go 32 on the cords
totally agree with all above statements I've shorten sleeves on some S andovers and also worn them cuffed/turned-over on others, I've lengthen sleeves on some xs andovers and also worn them comically short on others, it's all good... taking-in the sleeves from the cuff is also pretty easy and cheap at most tailors tailoring vs cuffing vs wearing it as is, I think that depends on how you wanna wear it, but yeah fuck the rules!
didnt mickey just buy something like this, think it was a unis bombertheres also a nice brown reverse 5 zip on b&s here
no chocolate brown suede side zip need pics of black suede naaooww
guidis look good with apc ns or dior 19cm if you wanna do denim
how slim does kka sizing run not sure if a sz 2 leather long coat will fit, would that equate to a slim 46 does all kka have high armholes
just found thread, awesome stuff guys, keep it coming...
ask for pp gift or gtfo
after further research including runway shots I guess I'm going to wait for one of the thinner wool blazers to pop up sadly the glenplaid, which I really like, appears to be on the thicker side and I cant deal with thick wool down here
cheers for the tips guys, although I'm more cut than voluminous @notwithit totally forgot about the pullup thread, I've easily done around 10k this year and still going
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