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its just a name so w/e (I like the back more on the derby though)
I thought it was tokio rider or something like that
ok but just so you know, I'm around 5'7" and from the ones I've tried in xs its been like 50/50 for some odd reason daiki does a big sleeve length drop from s to xs on several items workshirt sleeve length drop can land anywhere in the 1"- 2.5" range, check out context or gentry sizing charts
you're right about the moleskin having less give, and I know this season there's a dark navy wool jacquard andover, probably other wool ones too, but no bakers
how tall are you though, some xs workshirts have the t-rex sleeves and/or the really high side hem gussets
absofreakinglutely, goes great with slim strait or loose jawnz, oh and buttons are brown, not redmaybe a redish brown but definitely not red-redI think either would be easy to incorporate, black moleskin might seem harder just 'cuz its a black blazer but once that moleskin gets worn a bit and washed/drycleaned a couple times it will look casual as fuck, what model is the black moleskin btw (also bedford, andover or other), and hb will be warmer so that's something else to...
does gentry have a code out, or is one more code expected before they clear ss14 stock?
epic meetup demands a 3-way fit pic with stitchy in full cm, spope in full spope and synth in a middle-ground fit while doing the covering ears, eyes and mouth poses
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