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take him out? like out-out or just out.
I'm sorry (not sorry)
well I'll be damned, he does look like a HBA guy .
I concur, maybe throw in some point-counterpoint type coverage with bam! & colabear (also bam! would do the interviews while colabear tries everything on)
decorative or functional?
boring fit, black&blue, yadda yadda, blah blah, fuck it...
no pics of gracia in junya?
- doesn't flatter your shape - looks tight and exacerbates your midsection - epaulets and bottom pocket flaps seem unnecessary - questionable quality with your shape I think you'd be better served getting a bomber or just something thats not so tight in the midsection yet still works lengthwise
@tgaith77, I would assume the "sleek vs chunky" stems from comparing them to mmm sidezips, where the mmm's last doesnt extend beyond the toebox and the story et fall last does, as seen in the posted pics here other than that the last also seems to sharply squared at the edges giving it a slightly more chunky look as opposed to the mmm's last which is kind of rounded off at the edges which looks sleeker these are just my assumptions from comparing my own mmm's with the...
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