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I do think that some fabrics attract, or trap, more lint than others, like uniform serge for example btw, I had the navy rs befdord and think its a pretty casual yet versatile piece
vive le trashlord
tbh I'm not crazy about the collars on the high neck or scarstitch, I cant pull them off moto, banded, mandarin or thin lapeled collars work best for me I was considering the L-0 leather blazer but managed to talk myself out of it
I need manlet size
^ sadly not much on their website, I'm still searching for a nice layer-0 leather (my gut keeps telling me I need to get into this brand)
fuck yeah! walnut works for me, bring on the side zips...
there are several really, it's mostly up to interpretation, and yes it is him. It's basically meant to express that whatever statement is followed by it, is likely the most biased, unfounded, polarized and probably worst advice/opinion/suggestion you could get, it's a "foo" statement I've seen sf'ers use it when they say stuff that is in no way relevant or helpful but they still wanna say it just for the sake of saying it, or trying to be funny, so you "foo" it, just to...
so you understand the meaning of the foo emoticon, right?
I gather you haven't crossed paths with mafoofan yet?
you do know there's more than two sf'ers named Alex
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