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I'd say its more long than big, but no worries, I'm never in a rush to get rid of anything and I really like it but its just too warm for down here
Not too high, its around 8" from the strait pole to the rings I got a custom pullup bar thing installed at home, do all sorts of moves on it, good fun and helps stretch my back
damn mok, rise on those dries looks pretty unforgiving but hoping its just a really long inseam giving me that visual effect
I've used that pullup bar ^ and its pretty good I also used it as a mock for my custom bars, you'll need to re-tighten the screws every so often as it gets wiggly over time/use you'll also need to change those sponge grips eventually as they tear pretty easily oh and if you're gonna use it on a white or light colored doorway change the strait tube grips prior as they will stain the wall
I'd hem them around 28"-29" for a solid break, folded cuff crop or nice balloon stack when cinched
true, it'd be tough if theres no center back seamI dont even know if the hems asymmetry goes all the way to the back, and if it just cuts off or tappers even
I've got a barena wool knit blazer I dont really wear down here, its a 46 but fits a bit big on me so I'm thinking it may fit you, let me know if you're interested (I'll let you have it for cheap too)WE NEED FIT PICS!!!but seriously, I'd wear it as is and then pin the excess hem side to compare and judge if tailoring is really necessary, and you could also have the tailor give it a vent too if it really bothers you, no?
+161 = 66,600
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