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I'm trilingual
all mine are either silent or qlo ht (still waiting for jet t's to hit the market though)thanks for the kind words stitchy!
I like copper too
beautiful coat @robinsongreen68 I've been after the grey one for awhile but no luck yet, the smaller sizes rarely pop up I recently saw one for cheap on mr.p and I posted it for nn but not sure if he kopped
what leather/finish are they though, big difference getting a stain out of smooth leather vs suede or nubuck
great thread, here is what I have up for grabs: - fw08 charcoal worsted wool shawl collar cinch vest, sz small, fits xs-s - fw09 brown wp hb wool cpo, sz small, fits xs-s - ss10 tan/brown plaid cotton shawl collar cinch vest, sz small, fits xs-s - fw10 navy wool embroidery cpo, sz small, fits xs-s - ss14 navy ripstop bedford, sz small, fits xs-s
my money is on brad being hella-stoned again
I miss bam! and he does have tyrion-like wit and hair .
who is sf's tyrion?
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