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96,675 + 325 = 97,000
Apparently, too many off-site sales at the moment to even bother maintaining the websiteSuede colors shown here, including tobacco and grey, I haven't seen milkshake but assume it's basically an off-white/cream [[SPOILER]]
^ that looks awesome (and please give us a ring if you ever decide to let it go)
^yeah, if nomad still carries them they sell 'em for cheap during boxing sales, a couple years back was the last time I bought but they were like 75 CAD +tax
If you're keeping the jacket, my approach would be to rub down the whole outer with some mink oil then roll it up and put something heavy over it for a few hours then unroll and roll it up again in a different direction and repeat; that should soften up the leather a bit and eventually it'll lay better on your frame, it should also remove some of that shine.
^ yes (on raw denim)
slush = snow boots and change at the office no slush = commando sole and wipe off salt residue
95,265 + 535 = 95,800
current season
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