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could you elaborate a bit more on this please.....
you just put a shoestring through the holes, then cinch it! previous to ss10? they all came with the shoestrings included when new, then suddenly no shoestrings but they kept the holes so you can add them
thanks neb, the pants are a black/brown herringbone wool with a blue windowpane, so its not really all grey/blackbtw- everything looks a bit darker irl vs these pics [[SPOILER]]mmm chunky ribbed shawl collar cardiganuniqlo heattech turtleneckbeams+ X harris tweed pantstrickers w/danite soleyeah I usually size up
sides get hella dirty and start to peel, sole is pretty much gone in a few months if you dont take care of it
I hate gas guzzlers.......................
haha, and here I am ridding around in a scooter
so your age, style and car combo is not flashy enough for florida?
I'm trilingual
all mine are either silent or qlo ht (still waiting for jet t's to hit the market though)thanks for the kind words stitchy!
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