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101,795 + 505 = 102,300
100,225 + 275 = 100,500
Realistically, you could have a cobbler add a piece of suede but no matter how good the cobbler is, its probably gonna show and likely not look that good, you're also running the risk of having him do a shitty job and they end up looking like shit.Alternatively you could maybe have the cobbler stitch together the existing panels a little higher up at the current spot were they sag and you get the peek-a-boo sock showing, you'll have to be a bit more careful putting your...
If your strictly looking for cheap eg I would try kind-u and other consignment/pre-owned shops
@ManofKent, is the newsboy not casual enough? I think those work well on you
Shes probably getting it from the australian equivalent to whole foods
nope, either panels are cut too small, strap is very loose and front panel sags enough to create the opening, or your foot is wack (meaning you have a bulbous upper arch/ankle area)
1- Awesome fabric, thin, airy with good drape 2- As much ball sweat and ass stench as you, or your s-o, can handle 3- Yes
peek-a-boo sock syndrome
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