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yeah nice options there, which color is the runway pic on the wool one though
idk about that toast, I've had ncb 44 and 46 and fit varies ime also jacket is labeled "fits large" and "large sized" in the description, so might be worth to spin the roulette hunt for the perfect lapelless jacket continues
this might be a long shot as well and you should call to make sure but its still seems available here, http://independence-chicago.com/engineered-garments-bedford-jacket-ripstop-olive/
my guess is that he's calling-in to check on the dog (or maybe a last minute phone order to epaulet?)
so eg with jeans is the new theme?
very tempting ^ do you mind sharing how it felt warmth-wise and did it have side hand pockets?
^ have you tried the tiki bedford? fabric felt similar to the wave jacq, might be worth to check out
+113 = 59,250
if it were a 36 I'd instakopp
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