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Why yes,,, yes I do. [[SPOILER]]
I need some plants
+109 = 112,550
I'd stick to xs on the cpo, sz small has min 18" s2s and 21" p2p
most beefy brogues or workboots should look good with your fits cd
+194 = 112,100
if you're talking about the nomads then its the latter
+150 = 110,600
Hey guys, I recently subscribed and went through around a hundred pages, awesome stuff as always... so, I've been mainly a mmm sidezip and trickers stow kind of guy but just recently trying to venture out to other brands and styles, first try were some guidi backzips and I loved the silhouette and leather but suffered some heel slippage, I got 1 sz up from normal and wore them with insoles, its my first pair of backzips so wondering if this is mainly an issue with...
+179 = 110,000
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