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I'm in the west coast (still before midnight here) 121,277 + 223 = 121,500
119,980 + 320 = 120,300
we've seen enough tan, please post pics of grey suede or gtfo!
118,658 + 342 = 119,000
116,595 + 405 = 117,000
13 days left and 9,820 to go I should be good for another 1,000 are we gonna make this happen? 115,180 + 220 = 115,400
Or,,, you could just go full pollock on them
Wasnt somebody here going to try this and report back.... I hesitated on this one which I found on sale but only womens sz sm was left and then it was gone
114,340 + 360 = 114,700
Parka looks good, you should try cropping your pics to focus more on the mirror reflection as the rest just distracts the eye from your fit. el Bert scoring one of the best Bedford makeups ever, that should work great with your style mate!
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