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mickey should wait for the sfxvansonxthruston moto and get custom err'thang
so when is that diniro fit bomb gonna drop? (love diniro fits, always so creative)
hold up, hold up..... last correct count was 113,108 ecco +80 = 113,188 jayjay +100 = 113,288 planet +100 = 113,388 csa +112 = 113,500
but, but, did you get my city of gentlemen reference?eg cpo
Why yes,,, yes I do. [[SPOILER]]
I need some plants
+109 = 112,550
I'd stick to xs on the cpo, sz small has min 18" s2s and 21" p2p
most beefy brogues or workboots should look good with your fits cd
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