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+89 = 77,600
watermelon, jicama & thick ripe coconut with lots of chilli powder and lime juice
c'mon stitchy, you know we need a fit pic man..... I usually cinch, boot-tuck or double roll the hem on my fatigues
yes, even the thread starter is a human being (jk, but not really) last correct count was 76,982 notwithit +75 = 77,057 jayjay +130 = 77,187
+109 = 76,700
great write-up Jsig-worthy quote
light grey is 100% melton wool in the 950-1050gr range charcoal and green are 86/14 wool blend in the 580-600gr range
Nice, I have a large plate of fruit as a mid-day snack/meal (usually watermelon, jicama and coconut) with a lot of lime juice & chilli powder, love it!I do walnuts like that, not soo many though and like to wash them down with some good coffeeother than skim milk I tend to stay away from dairy and personally cannot handle the taste/texture of yogurtjust any pop-tarts or a specific flavor? I used to like the cinnamon flavored ones a lotand by meat do you mean like jerky, I...
bbbb & persol on mh
other than protein bars, what else do you guys snack on I'm currently hooked on some chocolate granola & kale krunch also some chilli-powder covered fruit-paste bits that taste amazing
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