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besides the rick stuff mh also has some wide neck t's and sweaters from plokhov and blkdnm
fashunz mojo is weak with this so-cal(led) winter weather
it was purely coincidental, and upon realizing ^that^ its been the reason for multiple, denied, username change requests, as I always thought it seemed pretentiouscame about like this, I'd been on sufu for a while and lurking here so when I joined I wanted an easy UN to remember, so thought:can = canada (since I thought sf was mainly a canadian fashion forum at the time)style = style-forumace = my initialsalso regarding purchase discipline, yeah never settle, you will...
^ holy shit man, sometimes I think you're just like a taller version of me body-wise, wtf?
ATG, I say olive too, more versatile and unique, browns look more like any other shoes
I wouldn't say he ain't got no swag but instead would suggest the following:
mission chinese is not bad but its nothing special either, place is small and the music was good up to 2012 the gta did not have decent mexican either, which is a shame
oh man, cant wait for miran's review
I used to live dt-to but worked in markham for a bit, miss the weather, though not the bay street wind tunnel
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