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thanks for the tips guys, I like the khaki one too but the black one would just mesh better with my wardrobe and will likely get year round wear as a mid or outer layer
^ word! I also do some L-sits once in awhile, some leg raises, some upside down crunches and I do handstands against the wall and do upside down military press I also do some light weight training and some yoga positions with heavy resistance bands I do the planks on resting dumbells, I started training for the planks under the pullup bar with a wrapped resistance band and the hand grips dangling down from it I put my feet through the hand grips for support and start...
63,725 + 275 = 64,000 @planetarium love the levers man, just getting into plank holds and hopefully plank pushups later I currently do pullups, levers, lever pullup, skin the cat and full back stretch holds but I do pullups more than anything else, current fave is wide reverse grip to back of neck meanwhile my wife keeps asking if I plan to audition for cirque du soleil or something
I too have been telling myself I need a shop coat after seeing @mbaum's fitpic couldn't find the elusive black xs though
I wouldn't get that one, but black harness on black or white shirt would be nice
where2kop black or white shirt with the half chest harness+strap whatchamacallit, preferably on sale
where2kop black or white dries shirt with the half chest harness+strap whatchamacallit (on sale of course)
first and foremost my apologies to @notwithit and all the other fine gents that grace this inspiring thread I had originally forgotten to subscribe when last years thread ended and by march a good friend of mine asked me to help him out with a big project which just ended last week and I'd been a bit away from SF during that period with only brief check-ins, and I never got to subscribe or even check out this thread to see how you guys were doing, BUT I've still managed...
^ yeah try the NS in sz 29 'cuz, judging from the NC fit you posted, the 28 is still gonna be tight in the upper block
cheers mate!I agree the fit is nothing special, just hadn't posted in awhile an felt like contributing todaytoo hot to dress up for the webz, so just posted what I was actually wearing todayI think I do better fits when I can wear some layers, but don't we all?
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