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my cliffhangers were:1) how soon 'till we find out details of the sf/jh collab project2) how soon 'till we get a pic of synth decked out in that pink hba coat [[SPOILER]]
benes,8-pack or GTFOaether,those water gardens look nice, never seen them before, I'll show them to my wife and see where it goes....tbh though I still have a ton of work here, fact is the whole floor where the game room will be isnt even half way done yet [[SPOILER]]
agree,,, its a valid question worth asking, hence sigworthy
^ check nomad or jonathan + olivia
paging @nicelynice http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/junya_watanabe/slim-fit-patchwork-wool-coat/369378
loving those raw edged layered fabric suits
I could see eluther pulling those off sockless and mbaum with stockings and a drivers cap
the things I've really liked and still wear today from bandwagoning are uniqlo basics, w+h thermals, apc denim & mmm sidezips thank you SF!
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