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I'd still take it ...................................
"will trade house for the NN lifestyle" thanks for the honest fb dww, and yeah I already have a gigantic painting on another floor so wanted something other than wall art for this spot, will try this piece somewhere else
random house related thought and would appreciate some feedback, trying to find the right spot for this thing [[SPOILER]]
+140 = 91,650
flannel and serge seem pretty windproof ime, tweed not so much unless they're fully lined
+150 = 90,500
or some chamomile or melatonin, whatever helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer
I'm pretty much dairy free, I eat no substitutes or lactose free stuff either, cheese was tough but fuck it I just gave it up and never looked backever since I cut out dairy I very rarely have stomach issues, and I shit like clockwork too but not sure if its relatedkale krunch is an awesome snack, personally like the tarragon dijon flavorhttp://shop.kaiafoods.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=1814
+146 = 89,700
+151 = 88,500
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