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FW10, 3 season charcoal w/c twill suit XS/28 (andover+cinch pant), really nice and unique fabric, excellent condition.
@OzzyJones, it's terrible man,,,, laughable according to my wife I find myself checking the posts often just to keep up with the count and make sure I round out before I post I often have to do a few extra last minute ones just because one of you fuckers here posted and through off my sum
3,266 + 234 = 3,500
7,835 + 565 = 8,400
1,650 + 100 = 1,750
4,550 + 250 = 4,800
^ I've done that too on a pair of margiela boots, took them from light grey to dark grey then wore them hard until they faded to a mid grey, then later sanded them a bit to take them back to light grey
I agree they're easier to do, I just don't do as many of them as I do pull-ups, I do less than half Not sure if it's because I find them a bit boring or because I feel chest and triceps are not as difficult to develop/maintain Anyway 200K on the first run seems rather ambitious, no?
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