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I've done it with veg tanned lamb and agree it works great for shrinkage and texture, although I did not throw it in the dryer, after washing I just bunched them up and rolled them with a big ass towel and let them dry out for a couple days like that
that may be missing the mark, but certainly not a bad thing either
besides the rick stuff mh also has some wide neck t's and sweaters from plokhov and blkdnm
fashunz mojo is weak with this so-cal(led) winter weather
it was purely coincidental, and upon realizing ^that^ its been the reason for multiple, denied, username change requests, as I always thought it seemed pretentiouscame about like this, I'd been on sufu for a while and lurking here so when I joined I wanted an easy UN to remember, so thought:can = canada (since I thought sf was mainly a canadian fashion forum at the time)style = style-forumace = my initialsalso regarding purchase discipline, yeah never settle, you will...
^ holy shit man, sometimes I think you're just like a taller version of me body-wise, wtf?
ATG, I say olive too, more versatile and unique, browns look more like any other shoes
I wouldn't say he ain't got no swag but instead would suggest the following:
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