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67,668 + 182 = 67,850
66,990 + 160 = 67,150
^ cheers mate! still interested in junya deets if it eventually gets to you though I might find room for both, especially if I get the 5 zip in anything other than black
woah, that sucks man! was this your first shot with a jp proxy? was looking forward to a junya vs 5 zip comparo currently trigger happy for both but will likely only get one of them
^ I'm still expecting you to talk me up on that junya brah
^ fingertip pullups on the door frame if you find one thats sturdy enough use the 3 middle fingertips at each end of the top piece of the door frame you could also use the pinky-tip to clinch the sides of that top piece if its too thin and you need a bit more grip 66,415 + 185 = 66.600
I would go by the needsupply measurements, end's seem way to small for the cut and size specified
65,576 + 174 = 65,750
I only drink on rare or special occasions and the only things I can tolerate, taste-wise, are red wine, clear/white aged tequila or warn sake I can only tolerate 2-3 servings and I get a good buzz by the end of my first which makes me a really cheap date I guess
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