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85,050 + 1,050 = 86,100
Cheers Jay, still pulling for the 25k mark, been a little harder this year as I'm doing more superslowmo pullups.82,130 + 1,120 = 83,250
FS FW10 XS Andover and 28W Cinch pant in charcoal W/C Twill in great condition I also have a FW09 XS Cinch vest in charcoal worsted wool which works well if you want the 3 piece suit PM for pics and details
Last post was Feb 12th 61,980 + 19,020 = 81,000
10,790 + 710 = 11,500
Haven't posted my numbers in a while.... 14,675 + 1,825 = 16,500
@Nanob, I have some m0851 jackets, I like their aniline and washed calf leathers, both age well and look better with wear, I have the dark brown racer in aniline that you linked and a navy bomber in thick washed calf, wife has like 5 jackets and 3 or so bags, some of their basics in the clothing line are also pretty good, minimal styling but good fit and materials, smooth riri zips on most of their stuff, I also have an aniline leather duffle/weekender bag which has held...
FW10, 3 season charcoal w/c twill suit XS/28 (andover+cinch pant), really nice and unique fabric, excellent condition.
@OzzyJones, it's terrible man,,,, laughable according to my wife I find myself checking the posts often just to keep up with the count and make sure I round out before I post I often have to do a few extra last minute ones just because one of you fuckers here posted and through off my sum
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