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tough call, I say matt
so where does one check for measurements on coats/jackets/blazers (sadly found no info on his webshop or this thread)
yeah pretty much, although I dont really do parkour, that one time I was just trying to do my best jackie chan impressionmy wife would also say that I spend an inane amount of time with my dogsbtw, also interested in better pics of that jacket, fabric looks sick but cant really see the overdye job
so early and already hot, wish I'd worn more of a NN summer fit I think what I like most about NN fits is the "I dont give a fuck attitude", 'cuz that's always the best attitude to have
that's the suffolk jacket
sad news indeed, adios for now cpo and bedford or maybe andover, we'll see.... at least I'll have more time to think about pant options was going a bit crazy trying to decide (lets see,,, shall I pick the one I've seen in a pic somewhere or the one that sounds great and looks awesome in my minds eye but I've never actually seen a pic or anything yet, decisions, decisions....)
was working on jay, had to do extra 25 just now, was already eating and shit thanks jet (to be read in the same tone as "thanks obama") +136 = 61,500
@Sonderist, if you already know what you want and your size then give Gary or Steven a call or email, info is on the first page of this thread, they'll hook you up if theres any spares, otherwise NepNY will have info on which retailers have what you're looking for and then you can reach out to them directly @pe3brain, some fabrics can make it look more/less serious but its mainly gonna depend on how you wear it, having said that ime to most 20 y/o's I know it'll still...
well, its eg so not like previous seasons are a good indication on sizing this time around, mok should be good in most xl's though
xl should be around 22" p2p, around 23" for xxl and bureau usually carries some xxl, other models like the truman/brokeline/ldt/irving run bigger though
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