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ok I'll try and do a write up soon, I did that initial phase several months ago, in fact the jacket has already been through another phase since I wasn't 100% satisfied with that first attempt, will take new pics, it only looks slightly different though but now I'm happier with the results
always thought stitchy would look very good in some eg, like a fatigues + bedford fit or similar silhouette and I'd wear that lonermatt sweater with a long sleeve mandarin collar shirt or thin tneck in black or charcoal and looser black non-denim pants
^ thanks, but I didn't dye/soak the jacket in water, so no risk of shrinkage, you can see in that pic that the lining isn't dyed at all I used a piece of cloth to apply both concentrated and diluted leather dye coats on the top and bottom of the jacket, let it set for a bit then reconditioned the jacket
homespun is typically a loosely woven tweed, medium thickness, warm but breathable, also stretchy (I've had previous eg homespun baker and daiki-wwm upland)
end sucks one item doesnt have the add to basket button and the other says out of stock only after I add it to the basket, wtf
+101 = 62,500
Not rit, I used powder dye labelled fine dark black but not sure on the brand since I've used several different brand dyes to try them out and see which work best, none were rit thought, I've heard it kinda sucks and their black isnt really that black to begin withDying wool is similar to cotton, just add some white vinegar to the water as it helps to set the dye and you also boil it at a bit higher temp than you would cottonI've also done a dip dye/gradient effect on both...
Tommy: You shouldn't drink that stuff anyway. [looking at the milk Turkish is drinking] Turkish: Why, what's wrong with it? Tommy: It's not in sync with evolution. Turkish: Shut up. Tommy: Cows have only been domesticated for the last eight thousand years. Before that, they were running around mad as lorries. The human digestive system hasn't got used to dairy products yet. Turkish: Well, fuck me, Tommy. What have you been reading? Tommy: Let me do you a favour. [takes the...
so heres what I got on the dyed stuff..... OD on prints, 2 shirts, 1 pant, all were white with blue and some other color(s), started with navy dye on the pant (right) then mixed in some royal blue dye as the navy consumed on the pant and I added the 2 shirts one (left) by one (middle) tie dyes, went light on the t and heavy on the pant, used a charcoal dye navy OD on cotton sweater which was lavender on top, mint green bottom with brown/yellow stripe black dip dye...
good deals there, thanks!!!
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