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+140 = 91,650
flannel and serge seem pretty windproof ime, tweed not so much unless they're fully lined
+150 = 90,500
or some chamomile or melatonin, whatever helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer
I'm pretty much dairy free, I eat no substitutes or lactose free stuff either, cheese was tough but fuck it I just gave it up and never looked backever since I cut out dairy I very rarely have stomach issues, and I shit like clockwork too but not sure if its relatedkale krunch is an awesome snack, personally like the tarragon dijon flavorhttp://shop.kaiafoods.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=1814
+146 = 89,700
+151 = 88,500
I've bought and sold a few watches through forums and all were bank wire, needles to say there is a lot of trust involved in those transactions and in the communities themselves, this was a few years back though but its still the normal practice afaik, maybe the occasional pp down payment but still the bulk was through bank wire edit: yeah paypal sucks for sellers
+150 = 87,400
long dayton seems perfect for multi-layers, long dayton under jacket under vest, throw on the button shawl and hat when it gets really cold, a looser rolled or tucked pant and some chunky heeled boots, oh man the possibilities edit: or basically what knight just said I also like the idea of a thin tneck under long dayton under cpo
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