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agree with bam!, og was better.....
some good critiques guys, thanks for the feedback! suede boots are on the kop-list I'd bought some brown guidi reverse horse but heel slippage was no-bueno maybe I'll try an alt-fit tomorrow, same coat+scarf, different pants & lighter boots
nice calf rick, sadly too tight for me http://www.gilt.com/sale/men/european-designer-must-haves/product/1067791055-rick-owens-leather-jacket
I like birdshit gats over splatter gats, but own neither
1st pic is in artificial light and the 2nd in sunlight, but they all look a bit darker irl [[SPOILER]]
that's a fair point, it doesn't bother me that much since I like to hem them to just 1 good break, but yeah...
I'm pretty happy with apc, ns in my sz is around a 7" hem and hipster is around 8" dont like to venture much with denim out of that range
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