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I ordered a couple months back, never got any shipping info nor did the order status change on the webshop but I did get my order delivered around a week latter I say wait 'til next wed-thu and then send zam another email if they still havent arrived, you should be fine though
spope looks like hes morphing out of a cocoon
thanks for sharing that tog, you've inspired me to build one for myself now how long would you judge one could go on a single stretch
its supposedly not allowed but it still happens anyway as long as its not done often or repeatedly, some would appreciate the heads up I think this would qualify as one of those scenarios where its better to ask forgiveness rather than permission
+222 = 78,700
missing from spope's description: "Tyrell Corp. Nexus-6 series, Serial No: N6MAA91014"
and how is the fit on those tux pants?
+89 = 77,600
watermelon, jicama & thick ripe coconut with lots of chilli powder and lime juice
c'mon stitchy, you know we need a fit pic man..... I usually cinch, boot-tuck or double roll the hem on my fatigues
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