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+115 = 30,750
what type of hat is that?
and thats related to this thread because.......?
that doesnt sound promising for us smaller guys, assuming there's no 34 and starting point is a 36, is it realistic to expect it could be slimmed down to 17" s2s and under 19" p2p?
on that topic, any good recs for sushi in antwerp/brussels and paris? (hot kitchen preferred, all budgets welcomed)
Oh I see, so dzgzdzg is your surname eh
is that equal to the firenze at 2.5 oz? or what is the weight on that z150 leather?
I had a mr olive e.o.i. pretty similar to NN's wallet, those can hold a ton of stuff, leather was really chewy too
@Knight, more info than expected, cheers mate! and yeah I'm considerably shorter hence the hemming question
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