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+112 = 29,000
jacket body looks too short for your frame, maybe just pic or shirt length but idk
budget ninja
god dammit, I'm leaving (and looking for) sig on care tags, are you guys leaving notes in secret pockets?
no, matt is almost skinny imho, cinch pant is strait through the seat down to the knee then just a slight taper towards the hem
waist is tts and cut is slim strait
you powerseller? everytime I've sold something, which I always put at .99 starting bid, I end up paying around 14%-15% between ebay & paypal, so maybe I'm just getting screwed even further than most - 10% flat ebay on item sold - 10% flat on shipping cost - 3.X% pp fee was also under the impression that high value bin's cost extra, but I think that was long ago though and may have disappeared by now
^ ebay alone maybe with low starting bid but ime between ebay & paypal its more like 15%, and if you have high starting bid or bin its closer to 18%
16" across the chest
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