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andover is slightly longer but also has slimmer body and sleeves, it has more of a silhouette rather than A shape
+190 = 83,800
doing frequent pullups and stretches on the pullup bar along with the occasional acupuncture session has helped my back more than anything else I've tried (i.e. yoga, massages, chiropractor, etc)
was picturing a persian ari gould, styling in the office and yelling shit like "fuck off! I'm on a cigar break" and "shut up and get me that left over cruller, bitch!"
wait, so you have a real job with coworkers?
yeah the top half looks too serious for the bottom half I'd wear that as is with the shawl up top in a loose poncho style, or do the skirt thing with a slutty t and maybe popped collar
yeah those pants look great regis, where2kopp
agreed, zb pants are perfect for a diy raw hem job
floor & vault work the calves I'm 27-28 waist but just a mere 36-37 chest
I hear you man, hate doing calves, thankfully doing gymnastics when I was a kid gave me a bit of a head start what kind of drop you got going on these days, back and shoulders look wide as fuck
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