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Dles, I think its gonna come down to your preference between the andover and baker, imho and just across the board season and fabric wise: - andover is slimmer, at least its usually the cut with the most drop, 3 button, 4 convertible pockets (chest, ticket, 2-lower), thin-ish lapel, single vent - baker is longer, and pretty slim as well, 3 button, 3 patch pockets (chest, 2-lower), medium-ish lapel, double pleat vents
yeah farfetch is awesome, eu to socal in 2 days with tracking and pre-paid duties, amen to that
wife got lots of missoni for cheap from vp, haven't seen anything tempting for me though
thats a no-go for me kunk ime the hartford fits like a cropped andover, have you tried the baker yet
my first exposure to song lyrics with tons of swear words was the ghetto boys
bubble gum loosies with the blow out powdered sugar (yes I'm that old)
you and me both
nahneun must now kop a wig and grow facial hair to prove jet wrong
I'll most likely be in sf by the end of january visiting a friend of ours, sf@sf meetup sounds cool would be nice to visit archive with peeps who know their shit so I can get schooled before I buy anything also doesn't abraxis have big stock of them glaucoma meds to ease up nn's recovery
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