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first and foremost my apologies to @notwithit and all the other fine gents that grace this inspiring thread I had originally forgotten to subscribe when last years thread ended and by march a good friend of mine asked me to help him out with a big project which just ended last week and I'd been a bit away from SF during that period with only brief check-ins, and I never got to subscribe or even check out this thread to see how you guys were doing, BUT I've still managed...
^ yeah try the NS in sz 29 'cuz, judging from the NC fit you posted, the 28 is still gonna be tight in the upper block
cheers mate!I agree the fit is nothing special, just hadn't posted in awhile an felt like contributing todaytoo hot to dress up for the webz, so just posted what I was actually wearing todayI think I do better fits when I can wear some layers, but don't we all?
I'm feeling that 5-zip been putting it off for years but gonna have to try one on now
my collarbone & I appreciate the comment, cheers!, t is a thicker viscose/elastane ls r-o [[SPOILER]]
long time no fit but it's too damn hot & muggy, must keep pulling + re-stacking drapey top to avoid sweating
cote d'azur > cinque terre latter is pretty overrated imo, and yeah just chock full of tourists unrelated but were to kop jw anderson knot trou in 44
gel or memory foam insoles
^ touche
anybody received walnut or black suede yet?
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