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boring fit but been long time no fit
+119 = 93,100
if you're ok with pattern making I'd take a stab at an unlined raw edged/hemmed moto jacket alternatively I'd do something similar to a soloist jacket, whereas I'd take an existing well fitting cotton, blend or linen jacket or shirt-jacket and I'd stitch leather panels over the fabric, preferably the jacket would be a lighter color to give some contrast as it "peaks" through in between the leather panels, this is totally doable as long as you're ok stitching leather, you...
only says raw silk here, scroll down for closeup... https://www.layerslondon.com/blog/mns-aw11/top-5-mns-tailoring-aw11/
afaik its destroyed raw silk
and this jacket
+203 = 92,600
wool/linen is awesome but most blends are still too warm for my local climate, same for most wool/ramie I've tried, how does raw silk, or raw silk/cotton blend, stack up in the warmth department? I'm eying a couple of pieces but would buy either of them sight unseen and no returns, also this would be my first raw silk garment, at least that I'm aware of, so really have no clue
I just asked my now wife what she wanted, searched for options in my budget range and gave her the final pick other than missing the surprise factor its a win-win several of her friends have commented that they'd wish they'd done that
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