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how tall is guy burgess I've wanted to try the looser stuff for awhile but have only seen one guy in sz that seems on the shorter side and can wear the loose silhouette well, hoping 169 cms is enough to potentially try it out at least and not just end up looking even shorter
ok heres how I see it, and thurston bros please correct me if I'm wrong: a) vanson derby jacket, pretty much the same jacket and same measurements as the junya x vanson collab, although unsure about the epaulets that appear in some pics and not in others, but 1 sz difference from junya sizing (i.e. junya sz M equals derby sz S) $650 b) thurston x vanson daredevil jacket, mods suggested by SF to the junya x vanson collab (i.e no coin pocket, different back, etc) with...
but a size down from junya, right? (i.e. those measurements equate to the junya model in sz M and the standard daredevil in sz Small)no waist adjustment to the slim daredevil? (i.e. no other measurements change on the same model size other than 2" down across the shoulders)
maybe thruston understood sf wanting further mods as not being satisfied, or interested, with that first pattern so back to sq1 there and more wait time but since they already had the first pattern made up might as well test it out with their regular customers
its just a name so w/e (I like the back more on the derby though)
I thought it was tokio rider or something like that
ok but just so you know, I'm around 5'7" and from the ones I've tried in xs its been like 50/50 for some odd reason daiki does a big sleeve length drop from s to xs on several items workshirt sleeve length drop can land anywhere in the 1"- 2.5" range, check out context or gentry sizing charts
you're right about the moleskin having less give, and I know this season there's a dark navy wool jacquard andover, probably other wool ones too, but no bakers
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