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I say keep it, it looks great on you, it fit me like shit, super wonky shoulders and I'd bought it from your fits should look good with some faded denim + white t, grey boots or white sneakers (seahawks cap optional)
in that case I would try to do that bag but double sided, so you'd have double the thickness of the leather and smooth side of leather inside and out so could also potentially use it as a reversible tote, it still wont be as rigid as your initial intentions but it'll be thicker while still slouchyoff the top of my head I'd say cut the outside pattern in the centre, then the handles from the immediate surrounding area, then I'd cut the outer ring of leather into small...
I love the andover, its my favorite jacket from the eg lineup but tbh you can find the andover in many fabrics and colors from prior seasons and future ones to come the suffolk otoh looks pretty cool and who knows if we'll ever see more iterations of it in the future then theres the 8w vs 14w cord and the brown tone which I prefer over tan for jackets so based on that and for this particular choice I'd go suffolk
I assume some asian kids still do, and the 24 would stretch to like 26 so theres that too
apc still goes down to like a 24 waist iirc, so might still work for some kids
guest br is almost finished, but we shall have a pullup and callus showdown prior to our smoke also ping-pong showdown (if you're a worthy adversary)
thank you! house is coming along great but we're still not finishedthanks J, after I'm done I should morph into a rais/spope hybrid for optimum house camo I saw one that looked like a star of david, I can proxyyes sir, in this case around 3 years in rotation
Mike, I liked 3rd-1st, 2nd-2nd (although I'm usually anti-nb's) and I think the 1st could be better with the combi upsidedown, but all good stuff mate! also agree with jagger and knight, suffolk jacket is probably the most underrated get still awesome looking jacket this season
boring fit but been long time no fit
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