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Just came back from a walk, every time I wear my walnut strands they get a ton of looks. The ladies dig it
I was once like you, worried about following the rules. And although I do follow them to an extent, I wouldn't worry too much about breaking them. Heck I swear my strands with chino's from time to time and to ME (important) they look just fine. To others maybe it doesn't go or they think it's not formal etc etc.I love this thread because everyone is here to help and lend a hand when you ask for advice, i've always had a positive experience here. Stay around fellow SF
Interested as well
To add to the suggestions going forward it would be ideal to have a more unique naming system instead of "pale blue stripes" "white stripes" "blue stripes" etc etc
How do you guys create a spoiler? Iv'e been on this forum since 2009 and don't know how to do it
Does anyone have this fabric? http://custom.luxire.com/products/pale-purple-end-on-end
I quite like the look of a blazer and jeans. Dressy enough for most places outside work but still laid back enough not to look like an ass in a nightclub. Well done
Nice. Was that "train wreck thread done for fun? Or was it the typical douche bag attitude that if a suit isn't worn it's trash?
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