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Just imagine if everyone wore the same shoes, how boring this world would be
Club Monaco is running another 40% off shoes again. Canadian side at least
I also recently slimmed down my shirts. I'm pretty sure I'm around 10 dress shirts and about 8 casual. All my casual wear are button downs from Club Monaco and J Crew.
For my fellow Canadians, I think the best bet would be either the FS section on this forum or ebay. Kent wang shipping is $5 bucks.
I work in commercial real estate. All the brokers are in suits everyday but I'm in IT so it's basically dress pants and a dress shirt. In winter it's a sweater on top of that, and sometimes I wear chino's when I'm in a lazy mood.No one really cares what I wear, hell I came in Clarks one day and no one said anything because i'm in IT. However I like to dress well, I have 4 pair's of AE and they get worn once a week max
What boots do you guys normally wear for winter? The only boot I have is LL Bean katahdin.
Ordered this Pale Blue Royal Oxford
If time allows me tomorrow I"ll be popping in to get another MTM shirt done. I"m re doing all my basics
I got dinged 45 for shipping then when I went to pick it up I got charged 35 or something around that from fed ex
http://putthison.com/post/712103418/the-essential-mans-wardrobe-perhaps-the-most This is a start. @thrifter Luxire is not the end all be all of custom made clothing. They're good but they aren't the best thing since slice bread. I for one will never buy from them again
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