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Suits - Navy and light to mid grey Shirts - Whites, Blue's, Pink, Blue stripe, Purple. Pretty much all colors I don't wear suits to work or Sport coats, used for mainly weddings, fancy dinners, charities etc. How many ties do you guys suggest I have and what colors? I have a few but I want to get my basics down
I bought this tie Other than a navy suit and white shirt, what other suggestions do you guys have? I have a navy and a light grey suit. What other shirt combo's can work?
They're both "casual" to me in terms of look. What do you wear on a daily basis? Full suit? What type of environment are you in? etc etcI have the kenilworth in dark brown and they are similar to the Carlyle looks wise, I'd say they're my most "casual" shoe in my current AE collection. But they certainly can be worn with dress pants
I guess with me not wearing a suit to work on a daily basis, I"m in the minority that thinks a pair of Navy pants look badass with Walnut strands. I'm actually wearing my black fifth avenue right now with charcoal pants and they're good for that office basic look. I guess I like to dress a little more flashy than some of you guys since I don't work in a ultra conservative environment
My thoughts, get rid of your wife:happy:
It came out great. However I always wear a undershirt with my dress shirts so I can't really answer, I suppose I can just try it on without a undershirt. The shirt is a pale blue, it does look almost white on the computer screen and in person but it's def pale blue.
@spiermackay Going to get a white shirt as my next MTM. What would you recommend for something that is soft and not see thru? Also what are your plans for next year going forward?
The more I see blake scott the more I'm thinking "meh whatever" but the pocket square guy is hideous. If you read the comments people actually like his stuff. What the heck is wrong with people? Even if I wasn't on SF, I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those
So i use instagram alot and I noticed that ALOT of ppl hash tag this goof ball ALL the time like he's some style icon? is he? http://instagram.com/blakescott_/ However SOME of his looks aren't that bad.. BUT I think this person takes the cake http://instagram.com/thepocketsquareindustry
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