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Thanks guys. I'm surprised this thread isn't more popular, Rick's MTM program is really great and he's very knowledgeable about menswear.
Just your wedding? Strands are my all time favourite looking shoe. I say get em. Every single time I wear them, people will either compliment or stare
Here is the wide spread collar from a MTM shirt I had made. Collar is fused but damn comfortable. Quality of the pic is lesser cuz I made it smaller, ah well. Excuse the wrinkled suit. I was in a rush! Edit, no collar stays in there
Purchased this. http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=12621740&prodFindSrc=search On sale with 40% off, can't go wrong
Bought the houndstooth and 3 eyelet chukka
It does. Add it to your cart and use the discount code and bob is your uncle
http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=12621740&prodFindSrc=cartThisor thishttp://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=32545956&prodFindSrc=searchAnd why?
Word, gonna kop me that houndstooth pant and some Rancourts
Is the pant a heavy wool suited for winter? Or is it a all year round pant?
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