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I posted a few pages back my suit. You are correct, the suit fits BANG on with just hemming the pant bottom. I"m going to try their shoes out as well, although I don't have experience with them.
Clean back for me. Or at the very least side pleats
Great points. AE doesn't make the best looking shoe by any means but they are inexpensive. I own about 5-6 pairs and they have served their purpose.I"m looking to branch out and buy more sleeker shoes, but I won't spend $500 on a pair of shoe (Carmina) in my current state. I have other priorities and it's simply financially irresponsible for now.I'm looking at Meermin or https://philipmercertoronto.com/ this guy.
Let me know how it goes. I'd like to try them as well.I found a coupon online for $25 off as well.
Meermin won't ship regular courier vs Fed ex?
These don't look so bad. Has anyone tried them?
I once bought seconds from AE and I was still hit with some bullshit from Fedex.
I'm 14.5 in the slim fit OTR shirts. And it's at the very max for me. The neck is perfect but if I gain any size, it's gonna be 15.Start eating a sandwich and pick up some weights
What shoe are we talking about?
I always cold wash and hang dry. Has worked for me so far.
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