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I have no doubt that Spier and Mackay will get better as time goes on. He listens to his customer's feedback and acts on it. Iv'e had nothing but great experiences with Rick. Even when something went wrong it was always fixed.
Regardless of what SF member say, I've always like the loafer with a suit look
I'm washing my flannel shirt like how I wash all my other shirts. Cold wash, hang dry. Will it be OK?
No answer. Will ask again. Does anyone have pictures of the flatiron in black? On feet would be nice
@middlepP I have them (lasalle) in chili and it's one of my fav pairs. Very nice looking shoe
@akoustas He's obviously really tall but the jacket being so hard makes it look like he's wearing his little nephew's jacket. The latter pic looks good minus the length of the jacket
That is terrible
Would help your sale if you listed all of their widths
I have a pair of tretorn. Most comfortable running shoes I've own
I like the blue twill and pale pink. When are the new core suits coming in? What about the changes you're making to the smaller sizes in slim fit we spoke about?
New Posts  All Forums: