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I wouldn't. I would get measured by a professional and go from there. Even if you're good at measuring yourself (or think you are). In person is always best. I would get measured in person and get the suit made. If anything minor needs to be changed, your local tailor can provide this service
Thanks. The Davis fit is great for me. Good taper but not too baggy at the bottom, it could be slightly more taper below the knee but it's not a deal breaker.I'll try out these out when on sale
I"m normally an XS in Club Monaco in sweaters (MAX though, any bigger and I'll size up) and I find certain sweaters in J crew that were XS is SUPER tight and cannot be worn.And other sweaters XS fits fine.The quality is the same for both J crew and Club Monaco imo. But the sizing is inconsistent
Massimo Dutti has damn good chino's as well. I've worn the heck out of them and they always wash good.
I have 3 Davis Chino's that have served me well over the years. Would you mind posting pics of the fit and your impression when you get them?
I`ve had nothing but good experiences at Novelty. But I`ve heard the opposite though
I can't even get on the website. Probably a good thing, I won't be tempted to spend money
Anyone check out leatherfoot yet?
Website is not working
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