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Worked for me
Looks like Club Monaco is running another 40% off sale including shoes. use the code : WEEKEND Not sure if this is on the USA side
Interesting webgem
Is the Fabric online?
This would be a nice business shirt Blue hairline stripe? Business stripe?
They are breaking in good now. Next time I'll size up though I'm not size 32 but I figured I"m wearing it casually so I won't be tucking in m y shirt
Ha ha. If he actually folded them properly they wouldn't look too bad
HA ha.. So now I have to get a belt that matches or at least closely matches my chukka's. Where did you guys buy your belts?
I wear the same 8D on the last 5 and the lasalle is on Last 8 which fit me PERFECT, no break in time, straight out of the box comfortable.I also have the lasalle chilli. If you wanna see the color in person PM me.
New Posts  All Forums: