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Terrible pictures but here is my AE family picture Top - Navy Cronmok, Walnut Strands Bottom from left - Black Larchmount, Chili Lasalle, Brown Kenilworth and Navy suede players
Sent you a PM
To each their own. The green is a little too much for me but hey if you can rock them, more power to you. I actually bought my first pair of boat shoes at the beginning of summer. They're just Sperry's so just "beater" boat shoes I suppose. Very comfortable and I didn't want to spend more than $100 on them. Sometimes you just want to slip your feet into something
Gonna repost. Apart from the Green boat shoes, I like your style
I"m liking this Alumnus wingtip. Will wait to see real life pics before I buy.
Fuck wearing pants when its 38C feeling like 42C here. You can have your pants
Edit. To each his own. I'm 34 and wear shorts (casual of course) . No complaints from my Lady friend
@TexasTexter What do you use on the Navy Cronmok? I have the same pair as well and want mine to be darker. I've only used Saphir Navy polish but it doesn't work as good as I'd hoped
Exactly what I was looking for. They look great! Thanks.. I"ll do the same with my strands and work my way up to black
Navy eh? Can you post some pictures? Curious to see how your walnut looks now
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