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Ship it to someone in the USA and then have them ship it to you.I've done this many times with AE shoes. But I know my sizing in AE.
You can always ask them to ship it regular courier. I"m going to give them a shot next month
+1 now that my strands are darker, I like them even more. No more orangeish color
I'd be interested in this new company. However I probably wear a suit 3-4 times a year and I find black shoes boring, so I'll wait for something with more flair. Although a sleek pair of black captoe does look great with grey pants and suit
We need better quality on feet pics.
I'll just go with 8D and hope for the best.
Also when will full spread collars be available in OTR? I been hitting the gym and unfortunately ALL my MTM shirts from SM are too small
I'll ask again. I'm 8D in all but one of my AE shoes on the 65 and the 108 last. What size would I be for the Cornwallis which is on the 1943 last?
Regarding the 333 last. My coworker has a pair of Larchmount and we both wear size 8D in 65last shoes. But when I tried on his 7.5 larchmont shoes it fit fine. So for me I would size down .5 in the 3 last With that said, the Cornwallis looks to be a handsome sleek shoe. How does it compare to the 5 last? As stated i'm 8D in all lasts minus the 333
Buy that shit.
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