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Yep. You will get charged a nice Fed ex bill. I hope it's not too much
A little update I went in and purchased a MTM suit from Rick in the blue sharkskin fabric he has for sale in the OTR suit that are currently on sale. I really liked how the fabric looked in different lighting. I will be posting my review when the suit arrives in about a month's time. I'll be wearing it for an upcoming wedding. I was VERY close to just purchasing the Sharkskin OTR suit as it fit me that well. Only issues I found were the sleeve length in the jacket and...
Looks interesting. Can this be worn as a jacket by itself or it it too close to a suit jacket?
I also have one of their modern slim. Would not recommend unless you're 5'4 and weigh 114lbs edit. What are these people really thinking? http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=35087976
Anyone in Toronto going to purchase anything from this sale? Maybe we can split shipping?
Do they ship USPS? I forget
Plus duty. Let me know how it works out for you but I had strands sent to me that were seconds and I got charged $40 for shipping plus another lovely fed ex bill
I'd love to pick up some shoes but the shipping is going to a deal breaker. Maybe I could ship it to Niagara and pick it up?
Oh? Weekends? After work? I've seen some pictures online and they look much better than online.Only problem is now that the shoebank when they ship to Canada we get charged duty and taxes. Go Canada!
Hmm the banchory is $107 and the Neumok's are $149. Hmmmm I say
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