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I have both. My IG is more personal and I don't post menswear related pics on a daily basis because for one I don't wear a suit to work.I'm following you on tumblr however. I"ll add you on IG as well, my IG handle is "affablegent"
I'm 32. I have no issues pulling ladies. When a woman sees your under garments and Dont wanna give it up well sir you have other issues. I have some Ck ones that could be considered loud but not really.
Not sure if serious. I don't wear anything loud really. I wear many brands such as fruit of the loom. Ck, Reebok, Hanes etc
I'd give it a good polish
Yep. You will get charged a nice Fed ex bill. I hope it's not too much
A little update I went in and purchased a MTM suit from Rick in the blue sharkskin fabric he has for sale in the OTR suit that are currently on sale. I really liked how the fabric looked in different lighting. I will be posting my review when the suit arrives in about a month's time. I'll be wearing it for an upcoming wedding. I was VERY close to just purchasing the Sharkskin OTR suit as it fit me that well. Only issues I found were the sleeve length in the jacket and...
Looks interesting. Can this be worn as a jacket by itself or it it too close to a suit jacket?
I also have one of their modern slim. Would not recommend unless you're 5'4 and weigh 114lbs edit. What are these people really thinking? http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=35087976
Anyone in Toronto going to purchase anything from this sale? Maybe we can split shipping?
Do they ship USPS? I forget
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