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Where do you guys get your ties?
I'm actually wearing another Perry Ellis as we speak. It could be that I only wear each belt once a week so that could factor in why it doesn't break?I'm actually looking to buy a navy belt to go with another pair I have but so far no luck.
You have great timing. I just checked. I have two belts, one is from Perry Elis and the other is from RL, although it says Lauren Ralph Lauren.I only wear both belts with matching shoes once a week, so I"m not sure what your mileage is. I for one will not pay alot of money for a belt so both are fine for my standards.Funny enough, I have a casual brown belt from the Gap for years now and I wear the hell out of that thing and it's held up fine.
My walnut strands are darker now, which is what I prefer anyways. Wore them today and got a few looks. I'm' a huge fan of the strand in walnut and brown.
Try the bay. I've gotten most of my belts from there and they're all about $30 or so. Been holding up fine for years now
When will the new and improved slim fit for the smaller sizes be in? As in our discussions
I like but not for $475 CAD http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=66389666
Off topic but when will our dollar get back up there you think? PM me if you don't want to discuss.
Yep that is DHL for you.Brave man buying things since CDN dollar is absolute shit
Indian Clark kent?
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