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Probably that. I think I will hold off until I see what else is coming in for spring. I'm a huge fan of suede shoes. For me they can look good dressed up and look good dressed down
The strange thing is with socks it was slipping out. But when I tried it sockless it fit fine. Weird right?
Ok I went ahead and purchased this guy http://davidfin.com/products/grenadin-filolao-silk-tie-6 Will report back when it arrives.
Pics of your grey offerings?
Hello Fellow Carmina guys. I too tried on those whole cuts from leatherfoot and man they were AMAZING! I was BLOWN away from the quality coming from Allen Edmonds. I'm not sure what size I tried on but it was 7UK I'm not sure if it was E width though. They were sweet! I'm thinking about getting them http://www.leatherfoot.com/store/rain-last-noix/dp/1090
new price
YOu live in Florida and own that many suits? Good man. I sweat balls when I'm in a damn t shirt when I'm there
Got this Very impressed with the store. Amazing customer service, tried on a pair of the carmina whole cut in my size. Was very temped to buy but I decided not to.
I"m in Markham. I just called they don't carry that anymore but instead Mark who answered the phone said it's now saphir. Going to make my way down shortly.
Where can I get a suede protector? For years I've been using the same one that I bought with my running shoes and served me well. I don't know if there is a difference with it compared to others
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