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Old thread yes but I'm reviving it. I have a pair of their desert boots in suede and they've held up pretty damn good. How come there isn't much buzz about them?
Don't be an asshole and abuse their return policy.
I wouldn't wear clarks in an office either. But I wouldn't call them sloppy either, I pretty much wear my clarks for casual wear on weekends with jeans and chino's.I agree the AMOK does look smart and gives off a more smart casual vibe than the clarks. I'm just torn between the AMOK and mctavish for casual purposes.
Actually just list them all so we know
These look amazing. I was about to purchase them but I already have clarks but looking at yours is making me re think
They're shoes and they will crease when you wear them?edit. I love the mora but I already have a few shoes and i've blown my budget for AE shoes
Eh what?Is that the pale pink oxford I see in that photo?
For me, Proper cloth has by FAR the best website for showing their products and how it ACTUALLY looks
There is sun in England?
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