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Are they comfortable? How is the sizing? I demand more pics
I've tried searching online for pictures but it seems no one has any. Of course it will look better than the pics on the AE site. If anyone has any pics please feel free to shareThanks,Edit. These have been on the shoe bank forever.
I've been seeing the eagle country in grey. Has anyone purchased this? I don't think I've seen anyone post grey eagle country
Here is their tie. Not the best shirt but that was the only shirt I had that was clean at that time (re doing my shirt wardrobe with staples)
@Sander Agreed but that was the only shirt I had that was clean, all others were being washed at the time being.
Thanks. It was the Blue Sharkskin seen herehttp://www.spierandmackay.com/product_information/2706_blue_sharkskin___contemporary_fit
Thank youThanks for the suggestion.
Here is better pictures of my MTM suit. It looks like it's pulling, I'm pretty sure I gained some weight (darn). It is shorter than most people might like but going forward I will probably lengthen it by 3/4 inch. Tie is also from Spier and Mackay
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