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Nothing in particular. Just need to grab some more stock. I"ll check it out when they arrive
When will the new release of OTR shirts be coming?
Whats the appeal of denim dress shirts? Or denim CASUAL button down shirts? I'm trying to picture this...
Checked out the site. Loving the selection
@burgerkong How did you get them for $300 Canadian? Website is in EURO's and USD and SEK. Converting them was much more.
I agree
As someone who rarely wears suits, even a jacket alone . I disagree with your plain OCBD statement.I have a white OCBD, two or three shades of blue and a gingham. They're staples and can be dressed up and down. To be honest, at first I hated button down's but I have over 10 of them now.Another staple is dark denim. I have two pairs but one is emo tight (working out) and can't wear it anymore lol.A great casual outfit is a white OCBD, dark denim and whatever footwear you...
Pants are fine. They're just too long. Shoes are fine. You could swap the shirt with a white one instead of a light blue for better contrast.
^^ Bruh
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