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On the topic of winter. I take all my dress shoes to my work and change into them in winter. I would wear boots and then change into my nice shoes. What do you folks do?
Your experience may be great but I think he's doing himself a disservice by going with that name He used to be at another place IIRC.....?
What a idiotic name.
I'd like something like this. But the checks being smaller, in OTR. Any plans for something like this? https://propercloth.com/dress-shirts/red-and-blue-large-gingham-3518.html
Behave yourself
^^ Jacket seems a tad big in the shoulders? Or its cause you have it not buttoned up?
Hard to say how the leather looks online. I recently tried on a pair of Meermin's and damn they're stiff. But I liked the shape.
Any Burgundy in there? I need a few more staple oxford's for fall/winter and I'll be set.... So I think
So anyone try these guys yet? https://philipmercertoronto.com/collections/shoes-the-mackenzie-collection
Thanks man. I'm a HUGE fan of suede, but I have reservations of wearing double monk straps. All my years working DT, I've only seen two people wear them. Decisions I tell ya
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