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I'm assuming these are seconds? I had the same issue with my walnut strands but not as bad as it looks in your picture. I bought some saphir polish and forgot about it. I darken them over time and don't see the patchy areas anymore.I wouldn't spend $50 when polish costs $8 DIY
@orange fury Are those clifton?
I guess my pics are that bad no one commented? Hmmm
Lazio fit. In the pictures the shirt looks to be fine but in person it's actually longer than it looks, making the sleeve look shorter. This is the best I could do, my lady friend doesn't appreciate it when I ask to take pics of my suits haha
@SLCRich Those Macneils? They look great
Terrible pictures but here is my AE family picture Top - Navy Cronmok, Walnut Strands Bottom from left - Black Larchmount, Chili Lasalle, Brown Kenilworth and Navy suede players
Sent you a PM
To each their own. The green is a little too much for me but hey if you can rock them, more power to you. I actually bought my first pair of boat shoes at the beginning of summer. They're just Sperry's so just "beater" boat shoes I suppose. Very comfortable and I didn't want to spend more than $100 on them. Sometimes you just want to slip your feet into something
Gonna repost. Apart from the Green boat shoes, I like your style
I"m liking this Alumnus wingtip. Will wait to see real life pics before I buy.
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