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Off topic but your Meermin Boots. What sizer are you in AE if you wear them? I had LL bean boots before and they're casual for anything dressy
No sir I do not. Will keep an eye out
I recently read Inferno by Dan Brown. I've now read all his books.
http://ca.suitsupply.com/en_CA/coats/blue-peacoat/J414I.html?cgid=Coats&srule=PriceAsc $429 Canadian. Interesting, too bad I'm broke.
When will the new Button downs that won't have the center pleat be arriving? I need to stock up and a few and replace some older shirts
When I spoke to Rick, he said going forward the button down shirts will not have a center pleat. I"ll wait until that release. I really dislike the center pleat. I blame it on my colleague who is older and has never seen the inside of a gym. Basically muffin top
I understand your frustrated, but really. Grow up
Hit up the Bay folks. I got 3 or 4 belts from there while on sale as mentioned. I wear each once a week and they're holding up fine for 2 years now Also, I got a casual belt (dark brown) from the gap many years ago and I wear it all the time when wearing jeans. Still going strong. As Roger mentioned, belts aren't really something I spend money on. Most of the time you don't even see it, unless you live in a tropical climate year round. I don't wear suits to work either
I mean't slightly lower yes.I forgot to check where it was made though. I can call tomorrow and find out. It;s 80% wool and 20% polyamide, same as previous models. Also it has a strap that goes around your face, I guess to block wind
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