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Just picked it up! I'm curious to see how a 3.5inch tie looks with my body. I"m more on the slimmer side and never had a tie that was 3.5 inches. My widest is 3.25inches
Appreciate the quick response!
Hey Which color is more accurate on your site http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/dark-redgreen-printed-wool-challis/ The first two or the last picture with the shirt? Thanks,
Great. I'll sub this thread
Those are great lists however you're right. We blow for shoes. All of my Allen Edmonds shoes I got from the states. Even with duty and taxes etc it's still cheaper than buying in Toronto.
@LouisXIV What is your height and weight? I'm about 5'9 and 145 with a hollow back as well but maybe I'm not as peculiar as you? I have MTM shirts that fit me bang on.
@arepaberry Sent you a PM
I hope none of you buy at retail prices. Did the prices rise because of inflation?
Strangely also the Allen Edmonds went from $380 to $425. I know this is SF and all but paying $380 for sneakers is just too much. Plus they got rid of the discount for employees on 3rd party items.
And this is the exact reason I won't buy from Luxire again. It was fun posting in this thread but I'm done
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