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I've tried the simpson last and it is narrow, my pinky toe was hitting the shoe but I'm sure after a few wears it would loosen up fine. Carmina makes some very sexy shoes
Nah. Too much going on IMO
Nonsense! I'm wearing my navy suede players as we speak with grey pants and they look fine.
I'm in. I'm away on vacation starting May 3rd so let me know if anything changes. I will not be checking emails or SF
Not me personally but is it bothering you? if yes then return.
Yep my winter beater is a $600 1999 Honda civic.
@Roycru I think your pants are too baggy and long. A slimmer fit would flatter your more:)
@tmgaus51 Remove that damn ugly kitty thing ASAP. It's like a sexy woman coming in bed wearing granny panties
Would I rock that scarf like how fox does it? No, but he's comfortable in his own skin and pulls it off. I could not. Good on you. It's refreshing to see someone different a little different from most guys here.
Agreed. But hey sometimes it's fun to experiment and try things out. I wanted to change it up a bit
New Posts  All Forums: