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Untuck that polo you IBM tech support nerd:nodding:
Yes to pale pink. Maybe a green etc
You can wear Khaki, Stone, Grey and Moss green etc.
How can you not love mauve? One of the best colors for our skin complexion. I always get compliments when I wear purple, mauve etc. Very miami like color. Im going to St. Martin in 2 weeks. Ill stop in the shop this weekend
David, Any coupon codes? Looking to pick up a tie or two for some upcoming weddings
Price? I get my Basic T shirts at Express. Shows my build really well
Anyone know the details of the sale coming up in April? Sorry if its been posted already
So when is the ETA for the stripes? I don't mind waiting if the product will be superior. AS for ties. I'd be willing to pay $80 for a tie MAX. I have a tie from David Fin at around that price and the quality is good. But that is the max I would pay for a tie.
Id prefer firsts but my wallet likes seconds. I'm not overly picky with shoes so seconds are fine.
Nope IT nerd
New Posts  All Forums: