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@VictorSFreturn I'm really liking your casual fits. None of this boring sport jacket with pants type thing. I like how you mix it up
Def not my intention. Was just giving another option, no disrespect intended.
What size are you? NOt taking anything away from Kent Wang. Just figured I'd throw you an option.I'd recommend Spier and Mackay. He has OTR and MTM suits. I have one of his MTM and I have no complaints
Why purchase online when you have a few places in Toronto that you can get a suit? Plus with our dollar being stupid low.
@HeavenResign What is your weight? You look like you need to eat. No offense intended!
What the fuck is going on in this thread?
Looks more like a chili to me but either way, nice color. Wear in good health
ThisThis as well. Great post.
@abc5 What color is that?
Great post. Rules are mean't to be broken. Just imagine if everyone dressed following the rules, ie wearing a grey suit with black shoes. I like to dress with some color and only outside this forum people will actually say you can't wear walnut strands with a navy suit.PS, when do new styles come out from AE?
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