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Indian Clark kent?
So update on the downtown location?
Paragraphs... Do you know it?
Carlyle and McCallister.Myself, I'm not a fan of the fifth Ave. I had it and sold it
What is the status on the store downtown?
Ever since applying light brown polish to my Walnut stands, I really like how they pop. Unfortunately pictures don't show the actual color. I also bought some edge dressing which makes the shoe look like it's brand new. Just goes to show you with simple maintenance your shoes can look brand new
Any news on the store downtown?
I used light brown polish (saphir) on my walnut strands and they came out fine, no orange.Unless you use neutral polish, any polish will darken it. Which is what I prefer anyways
Spread collar from Spier and Mackay.
Wedding. Tie - Brooks brothers 346 (crap tie, will give it away) Shirt - Spier and Mackay Suit - Crap MTM from a long time ago
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