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Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 Kopping Modern Warfare II fasho fashion wise.....I'm so glad that Gitman size L OCBD's fit me soooo well on my top block. There needs to be a thread on that game. RIGHT NOW.
Quote: Originally Posted by seany Not to bump this but alot of the footwear is on sale. desert boots for 20 bucks carry on with "mall brands suck" etc etc etc THIS GUY= kind of new members we need. Keep it real brah
Quote: Originally Posted by YoungAmerican This is true... however... Well, I think a man's belt and shoes should pretty much always roughly match. There are certainly shirts intended to be left out that aren't cut square, but they are the exception, and I'm not crazy about them anyway. And more than one piece of denim is a AP move that people who need "rudiments" should not attempt. Good points, and great vid regardless.
Barbershop. I'm the third generation of men from my family going to the place I go now, and I get a good haircut on top of that. Style and heritage
But! I think some of the rudiments are little bit opinionated. Sorry for double post.
Pretty cool, pretty cool, looking forward to more episodes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman How slim are there suits compared to H&M's? Depends on the fit. Their slimmest blazer is impairingly tight. Their skinniest trousers look painted on other than the occasional break.
I like how my trousers fit, but I don't like that they'd probably fuse to my legs if I wore them in a room hotter than like 60 degrees... They're about 110% polysomething.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher I don't really give a shit about jeans anymore anyway. Looking for heavy wool pants, all I find is ones with dorky workwear details. Heavy wool pants would be nice, I want some in a skinny fit, which has been surprisingly hard to find.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher ^^Alot of mall brands are carrying selvedge denim now. They just wanna hop on whatever trend so they can sell shitloads to clueless people who think they're ahead of the curve. Hmm, but alot of people buying mall brands don't know what selevedge is. American Eagle made some selvedge denim with paint splatter on it, that was pretty funny.
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