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Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz what???? "The thickness, fit and details are just always perfectly on point" ITS ON POINT GUYS. ITS W+H. ON POINT. ON. POINT. fit. Still kinda weird looking...
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty This thread makes my stomach hurt and you've somehow managed to diminish the appeal of WCS's post. Take a tums.
Quote: Originally Posted by malefic Re W+H, one of these? The breast pockets are awfully ungainly . . . That's pretty weird looking. Fleece shouldn't be used to make M-65's ever, imo.
BAMP for the lulz. That 30,000+ comment was snobbishly hilarious.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one white V neck (AA small or Hanes small, boxfresh) Fresh out the package? Hanes v necks are so comfy after a couple washes, but to each his own of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I love starting rants about the oki-ni model. I wouldn't mind him so much if they actually put clothes on him THAT FUCKING FIT HIM. There have been many times that I've thought about buying something from them and then given up because I have no idea how something might fit in real life. I've always been scared cuz I start thinking that the clothes might actually fit like that... Ew.
Quote: Originally Posted by snake Ditto that for OL, can't stand that guy either. Thirded, he needs to get hit. He's the smuggest looking du ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trendy Sing Sing Helmut Lang Grunge Shirt APC New Cures Thrifted Plaid Shirt (Sears mens' clloection circa 1970) Topman Denim Shirt Clarks Chocolate Suede DBs Not in any particular order though. Oh, you mean the stuff you wear EVERY DAY? <3 you bro.
What's with the pants? Is that how they always look?
Sounds like something for the line coming out by the Rogues Gallery guy to do.
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