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Quote: Originally Posted by Magician There is a difference between wit and buffoonery. Damn, that was pretentious. Don't hate on Pokemon, it was the only good thing 90's kids had.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragonxking does anyone know how the topman slim or skinny trousers fit? The skinny fit is proper skinny, they also have a super skinny fit which I'm pretty convinced is just spandex.
Damn man, you REALLY like Nudies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert OK, I'm not sure how I like the warmer thing, but tell me one thing--how do you manage to wear a belt a cock level? Low rise homedawg. I like that body warmer thingy though, pretty badass.
Quote: Originally Posted by HommeFatale You can never have enough scarves: How cold does it get in Mexico? You know dude's not Mexican right? I sure hope you do.
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz mexicans travel all the way up to canada..? The smart ones do, easier to get a paying job up there, at least in their cases.
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerFormula As I am just looking at girls on lookbook, I see an american apparel ad which is a picture of a girl I know wearing earmuffs. Weird no? Weird that you know her, or weird that she's wearing earmuffs, and this being an AA ad, is in indoors and wearing little else? I'd say this is most likely a happy coincidence.
Quote: Originally Posted by thedividingline measurements? Those are good +1
Don't like the boots, but I love their backhoes.
polos below the knee shorts hi top cons with any shorts north face fleece contraptions plaid hoodies (the chav look isn't just stupid in the UK)
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