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Isn't the interwebz necessary for doing alot of things now? Feels that way to me.
^They're also really ugly.
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk Word up. I love all these new Japanese Americana brands because they give me ideas for making my uniqlo, h&m, jah cru, and thrift steeze less boring. Werdddd.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dentata Not really. I mean, it's not like there's actually any sexual or osculatory contact. It's just two bros having a wrestle. Nothing wrong with that. Looks like that to me
Quote: Originally Posted by MortyGras But i could rock the hell out of it! Those pockets remove any possible rockability out of it IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by sexonfabric The Japan NSW Varsity? If that's your steez I'd say it's a solid piece.
Quote: Originally Posted by Batistuta Superga Classico. I can't believe people like these.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Good shit, or bad shit? I'm assuming bad, cuz "shit" connotates a negative, but "the shit" is good, extremely so.
Maybe it's my wardrobe, but I've given up on black denim. Will still get a pair if I reaaallllyyy like 'em, but that's the only way.
Are you considering doing a proper skinny fit? Would instakop at that price in any of those denims.
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