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Quote: Originally Posted by grouper swagger is blipsters is swagger Smart man. Inb4 J Dilla changed my life.
Tom Waits let's gooooo.
Quote: Originally Posted by awxg mine use toggles made of walrus tusks I lol'd. Button flys are pretty much as fast with some getting used to, they're tougher, and they're cooler looking too IMO. Not to mention that tug to get them open is way more badass than unzippering.
I do a single cuff on my straight ones, but for anything with a rather small leg opening, I just let 'em stack. I think a few other people said they do this too. Also, I feel like the "APC tiny cuff" option has to be added for all those tiny cuff people out there.
Quote: Originally Posted by seany I tried it on and thought It ran a tad larger then other J-Crew shirts o_0 But anyway yea the shirt was stiff as fuck. I think it would end up breaking in nicely. Really? But yeah, it prolly would break in nice, but breaking in jawnz is quite enough breaking in for me.
In case anybody's wondering about that nailhead oxford shirt... I tried it on the other day, I didn't know what it was at the time, I just assumed it was denim. It's really stiff, and really heavy. It seems to fit slimmer than most JC shirts IMO, though that may be due to the heavier fabric. The pattern and texture were nice IRL, but the stiffness was brutal :/
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I thought Fuuma was a renowned clan of Japanese ninjas. They are I think, and they had that little flower as an emblem.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Went full circle, from wearing AF1s a year ago then saying fuck those shoes... to wearing them again now. Those clunky bastards have a soft spot in my heart Everyone has to have something I'm a dunk guy personally, but I feel you.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 when we got the big snow here last week, was a dumb pr bitch in no socks and ballerina slippers. just saying. I've seen the same lol, pretty funny. Looks a bit painful though...
Quote: Originally Posted by gilwood I saw a group of teens walking around in straight edge baseball caps, classic baggy pants dragging on the floor and dirty timberlands at the mall. They were all wearing NorthFace jackets with Northface logos on front, back and sides. Is Northface an urban brand? If I buy one, I don't want people flashing gang symbols to me. No, no one's gonna flash you gang symbols. But saying stuff like that out loud...
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