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Mark McNairy's got some big shoes to fill. Metaphorically speaking of course, cuz I'm assuming Daiki's got some small azn feet.
Quote: Originally Posted by phildo new flying lotus! THIS.
The J. Crew shirts are excellent, on the long side but lean, the drape (as far as drape goes for cotton) is good too. Also, those APC shirts are in fact madras, they're doing a whole madras collection this season.
Quote: Originally Posted by justtemple sounds so sexy... Indeed it do. Those would be kopped swift.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya No, there is not. Really? One of the guys over at your NY location told me it was in the works when I stopped in there real quick.
Quote: Originally Posted by fueledbynewjersey I'll be rockin' a maroon pair of Sebagos Whar to kop? Maroon's my school color, so I'd like a pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Fucking Christ stop saying stupid things, of course "dress" shoes (by which you mean bals and bluchers) go with casual stuff, but making broad categorical generalizations completely misses the point that only SOME of them actually end up looking good, and you might as well scream "I DON'T HAVE THE TASTE OR APPRECIATION FOR DETAIL TO DISCERN ONE SHOE FROM ANOTHER SO I'M JUST GOING TO TREAT SHOES THAT ARE SORT OF SIMILAR...
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak Aww nice selection there homie. I usually pair one of those bad boys with some girl jeans and a fitted.
^ I know. They're still not steezy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol the most depressing sentence ever written Agreed. Shit is not steezy, and the MC circle jerk probably won't be fond of them either.
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