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@RFX, thanks for the advice man, I'll try it out. @riio, thanks as well, I already host on imgur, but I'll try that editing site.
Quote: Originally Posted by Riio Funny right? I'm such a dunce. I'm gonna go lurk moar, and also learn how to post a properly sized photo.
^Oh, you saw it lol. Oh well, I knew the striped t with the reindeer shirt would be kinda dumb. Maybe the reindeer shirt in general is dumb lol. Thanks for the commentary though.
^I'm sorry man, I bought a camera recently, i'm attempting to post a pic, but I can get the size right.
(forget this, huge picture again)
(goddamnit tiny picture)
(edit: xbox hueg picture)
What is this I don't even
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Chill out Russell Brand Ooooff the cattiness. This is gonna make for some good lurking lol
Quote: Originally Posted by db_ggmm I own these, that yellow lining is super ugly imo, but the soles aren't that gross, I like em.
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