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I was just about to buy this morning and saw that it was sold yesterday, by any chance if a SF member bought this and doesn't work out, or if someone has one for sale, please let me know. Thanks much.
lol, if you gonna bitch at him for replying to your question, just ask your questions in PMs.
looking for a well known brand's solid money key fob (Dunhill)
pants measurements?
no one really gets a MSF considering 3 levels of CFA is pretty much the equivalent of it. If you are quantitatively talented, get a MFE or Master of Comp/Mathematical Fi. Otherwise, get a MBA. It wont be easy to break in to top 10 MBA as a Op though. Did you just realize you want to do IB recently? I'm asking because you are still asking these questions two years in to the job market, it seems that you have not been preparing to break in to IB. just read M&I, it covers...
minors are utterly pointless, if you are that interested in business/finance, why didn't you just major in it.
in general, Chinese people are relatively nicer to foreign parties. Unless the Chinese partner company is large(which always means they are very well connected in the region), the Chinese partner usually will exert a decent effort in your first couple projects. Once they believed that they established a relationship with you, then the cost-cutting/screwing begins.
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabe -EXPRESS sells decent clothing. I like that their dress shirts are available in store in XS sizes in some quality advice
the google spread sheet of the first sale doesn't work for me
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