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With 6+ years to think about it, I would hope the OP has found an answer to this by now.
I had a lot of issues with my MK6, and I always got the runaround from VW on warrantied repairs. Mine, too, spent more time at the dealership than I expect a newer vehicle should.However, I enjoy driving the GTI so much that I bought the MK7. No regrets.
Looking for SALT Optics frames in size 49; specifically Tate, Adler, or Fritz models. Most colors will be okay, but would prefer grey, black, or navy and I like Adler the least. Would pay up to $150. I'm just looking to set a back-up pair. I currently have the Adler and Tate models. 7/16/13 EDIT: I purchased a pair (Fritz) today. As such, I am far less interested in purchasing others as formerly requested, but I will entertain offers if any of these models become...
This one's actually grey. Here's a pic w/ flash. It shows the grey more accurately, but the other pic shows the purple more accurately. Agree on rarity of purple in rotation, but cool regardless. There was a silk knit LB also that I passed on, same price. [[SPOILER]]
Picked up these two ties today; first time I've seen Luciano Barbera cashmere at TJ Maxx. $195 --> $39 each
Brooks Brothers Veterans Day Online Clearance Event
I was interested in picking up an XJS as an extra car, but recently I'm torn between an XJS or an VW Cabriolet. I know; totally unrelated...
I'm interested in the wallet. Do you have any other selling profile (e.g. on eBay) with a history of positive transactions or anyone on this forum with whom you have had transactions who can recommend you since this is your first post here? I know everyone has to start somewhere and I'm still interested. It's a great deal!
You should also know that a very common complaint is that there is a new rattle about every couple months. When I say it is well built I mean the finish on everything seems high quality for the price. Buttons/dials/gauges/etc. are solid, fabric is nice, dash is nice, panels are nice, etc. You can't forget, though, that you're buying a Golf - an economy car (albeit maybe an upper level one for many people) - with maybe $9,000 worth of upgrades to the engine, seats,...
I'm 30 and drive a basically stock GTI, 2010 in shadow blue metallic. It's a great car and really well built; everything has a great fit and finish to it. I've had no problems during my ownership. What I will say is that even I (not a "fanboy" - I hate that word) despise 4-door GTI's. I know it's already been mentioned that looks are subjective, but there's just something about the GTI that everyone knows it should not have four doors! The "fanboys" know it and frown...
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