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Played the ZVex Fuzz Factory 7 - was crazy. But $450 is a bit rich for my blood for a freakout fuzz.
If it makes you feel better, the rams head needs to be fixed.
That's a Big Muff clone, right? They look awesome, but I've already got a vintage Triangle Big Muff and a vintage Ram's Head Big Muff, so I'm pretty set on normal muff tones.
You say that, but...
Ugh, yeah - I'm just always in another neighborhood. You gotta give me more notice next time.
I'm gonna to go Ludlow Guitars after work and try out some Death By Audio pedals.
Yep, that's her. Met her mom though - pretty hot too.
At the end of that video, there's a bunch of links to other videos with an insanely hot girl with a crazy rack (there's like five of them who are the same girl) - she's the sister of a friend of a friend from school, and I'm sorry to say I never got to meet her.
My favorite work of his is Echoes, Live at Pompeii. Insane tone. 1969 Strat, Hiwatts, Fuzz Face, Wah (the reversed wah seagull sound is an incredible thing, try it if you never have), Binson Echorec. The best.
I'm not that big of a Pink Floyd fan, but my Strat has a black pickguard and a short trem arm on it, and I like playing it into the Hiwatt with a vintage Big Muff and some delay (though I don't have an Echorec or an MXR digital delay system).Edit: I don't have those things YET.
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