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No it's the Mermaid Theory.It's not so nice out anymore.
The other people who play at my space tend to be pretty decent, but this is the first time I've seen anyone big there. I'm surprised because it's pretty darn cheap, but has a really nice feature where they mic up everything and take a video and let you capture high quality performances while you rehearse. Brilliant idea, especially for the price!
Oh, I forgot to mention, I was rehearsing with my band at a rehearsal place in the city last night, and through the little studio window of the studio next to the one I was going into I spied a guy playing a '59 jazzmaster. After admiring the holy grail of jazzmasters, I noticed who was playing it - Nels Cline! Looks like I have good taste in rehearsal studios!
What was it like?
My two rock has a switch on it which bypasses the tone controls completely but I'm ashamed to say I've never used it.
So really we should all be cranking our tone knobs higher than we do?A lot of old Marshall guys just turn everything to ten. JD Simo talks about this in his Premier Guitar Rig Rundown. It's kind of interesting.
Did you compare it to the Carl Martin Quattro?
El Argentino, take a look at the WET and the Flint as well. Both have plate reverbs people seem to like.
Not my area of expertise, but I love anything Fylde so: http://www.fyldeguitars.com/for_sale/egyptian.html
My modern blues-fusion board is complete (for now):
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