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I have a feeling that they're afraid of not seeming sympathetic enough to BLM if they try to advocate for another cause.
Layla Purple Haze Satisfaction Sunshine of Your Love American Woman Also I doubt everyone has learned it but we all should: Mississippi Queen
Haven't we all learned the Sweet Child O' Mine riff?
Another great one is Do It Again on that danelectro sitar. Such a cool tone - I wish I could justify buying one.
Did you expect him to say "systemic racism"?
Well I'm on this site, aren't I?
In my experience, her enthusiastic supporters tend to be overweight, middle aged gay men.
Why? When Trump loses, Cruz will be the only one who seems like he didn't sell his soul (not that he has one) for nothing.
My favorite Steely Dan solo is from My Old School. I think it's Dias?
Fender made those Tele deluxes with wide range humbuckers in the 70s, but I never wanted one of those. It's this particular one I want. Plus I love the MIJ stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: