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Isn't the bridge in the wrong place if it's Gibson scale? Looks very cool though.
No but I had an Eventide Space for awhile. I'm pretty easy going regarding all the "tone-suck" bullshit that goes around, but that pedal really did ruin my base tone. Maybe they've improved the A/D conversion since.
Daredevil was incredibly violent. I didn't expect it to be quite so brutal. The Dark Knight seems like a children's cartoon in comparison.I loved it [[SPOILER]]
If you DO decide to put up with a certain amount of noise, you can be like Nels Cline and just use your volume pedal super religiously to get rid of the 60 cycle hum when you need to.
Yes Hendrix is right. If you're only experiencing hiss when certain things are on, then that's normal. If it's too much hiss, use a different pedal - some dirt pedals have more hiss than others. OD and a compressor together WILL hiss more than either alone. Your Diamond has a threshold control, also, so play with your levels.
DEFINITELY move the Muff. No reason to have it before the Comp - it's not like a Fuzz Factory that needs to be first in line. Muffs are notoriously noisy things, and a compressor is just going to magnify that noise when you're not playing.If you're having noise problems even when your Muff is off, though, it's a guitar or cable or power supply (or other pedal) issue. When dealing with noise (I know it's a pain) you really have to isolate EVERY component in your chain one...
You should not be getting noise. You have a Diamond comp, not a Boss CS3. Stop cranking the levels on it - the only way a Diamond is going to give you noise, unless something else is screwing up your chain or you're putting your comp after your dirt which isn't a good idea precisely for this reason.If you're getting SO MUCH noise from your guitar pickups that it affects your compressor a lot, you might want to consider humbuckers or at the very least more shielding in your...
Why anyone would buy a brand new acoustic guitar is a mystery to me.
Certainly you more than anyone can appreciate the virtue of making money off of stupid idiots who spend thousands of dollars on sneakers instead of, I don't know, ANYTHING else?
Trying to sell Adidas Yeezy's on eBay is incredibly frustrating. The amount of lowball messages is astounding, not to mention the person who won asked after winning if I wanted local pickup or paypal, and when I said paypal ignored me and didn't pay. Did he plan to mug me?
New Posts  All Forums: