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That's fine as an idea for a comic, but on film, a "cheap spandex" costume looks like crap. And the moving eyes that everyone is so fond of, that doesn't seem cheap either.
I always found it stupid that PP, who could barely afford to feed himself, had the money to research and craft an advanced suit and pay for the repairs. It makes sense that Tony would pay for it, and I'm sure Parker will have ideas for upgrading it or whatever so he will still seem brilliant and geeky.
SF is great and all, but South Park is definitely funnier.
How many CE threads have you started today?
I used to have some big shell that I took from my grandparents house when they died. I wonder what I did with it...
What's the difference between the lighter grille cloth like in all those pictures and the darker cloth on your amp?
I always thought the husband on that show had been through conversion therapy.
Are those 2 prongs safe? My champ that still has the two prong tried to electrocute me...
Can't forget the votey!
Showing my privilege: what were the identity questions at the very end even about?
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