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Found this for you.
Hey now. We ALL advised you about the guitar.
Good point. That was a stupid question.
Why would I have brought him up if I hadn't seen him in the video?
Harvey, why does it matter whether he was using an AR15 or a variant? And forget the banning question. Generally, what is everybody using their 30 round mags to do? Does it just make going to the range less of a hassle? Why would you choose to buy one over a 10 round mag? I'd like to buy an AR15 before they're banned, but they're banned where I live already to begin with.
Ok but what would a ban on standard 30 round magazines that don't jam do? Is there any chance it could be effective to save lives?Out of curiosity, how many cops are killing people with AR15s and the like? Most death by cops are from handguns, no? That's a total guess on my part, I have no idea.
You don't think it would have been better if he had been carrying 14-17 10-round magazines? You can only carry so many magazines at once, no? 17 magazines is a lot to carry on your person, and if it took 500 rounds to kill 50 people, wouldn't it be better if we were able to limit the amount of rounds a person could easily carry on their person at once?
Yes. Is there a Ben Affleck reaction video?
I'm not anchored to 10. I'm asking what people with more knowledge about firearm use than I have think is a number that's worth having in a real life situation in which a gun is necessary.If he did reload 10-20 times, that is a good argument. Is it true?And yes, another restriction is limiting freedom, but I meant freedom as in using a gun as a tool in any likely or unlikely scenario rather than "FREEDOM".
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