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If you really want to get hammered, drink every time anyone says the word "woman"
They tried it in Spectre and it fell flat. The scene where Craig romances the widow was so cringeworthy - Roger Moore was ridiculous, but you could believe that he could walk into the room and make a joke and that was enough. Dalton had the same problem as Craig, but the stories were less fantastical so it wasn't as jarring.
I'm glad Craig is getting out. As the movies got more lighthearted, it was clear that he didn't have the charm to pull it off. He was perfect when Bond was an angry and distant assassin, but the films were trying to evolve and he wasn't up to it. Plus, what an asshole.
There has been a lot of anger about that, but they were writing all new characters for SW, whereas for Marvel the most popular established characters are all men, aren't they?
Was totally joking with that comment, I know you weren't comparing them.I'm not interested in defending wojt, by the way - I'm trying to defend the notion that Rey's abilities are questionable and it's not because she's a woman. She shouldn't have been able to mind trick Daniel Craig despite it being an amusing scene. And I think you can compare Ripley's struggle to overcome a more powerful opponent through cunning to Rey's ability to overcome supposedly stronger, trained...
Her hair looks like someone took a dump on her head.
You're probably correct - his redemption is definitely going to happen, probably to team up against the real "big bad" whether that be Snoke or someone else.
You're right. I hate women.Edit: Seriously though, don't you think this fight made Kylo seem lame? Darth Vader seemed unbeatable throughout the entire series. If your lead character beats your lead villain in the first film of a trilogy, it's not a great start. Episode VIII really should include a training montage showing Kylo learning how to be a better swordsman.
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