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Considering Trump wants people to shoot Hillary after she gets elected, you'd think he wouldn't mind if she just died on her own instead.
Weirdo.Still, fender has TONS of amazing colors from the 50s and 60s. Sonic blue, Lake Placid blue, ice blue metallic, Firemist gold, Inca Silver, etc.Edit: Oh, and Mary Kaye Blonde!!
I don't love that weird metallic sunburst. Can't you find a Strat with a nice, normal sunburst?
Not a terrorist attack in the end (or an attack at all), but I just got home from the JFK pandemonium (not fun) and it shows how on edge people are these days that celebrating an Olympic win can shut down an entire friggin airport and send hundreds of people running and screaming. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2016/08/14/us/jfk-terminal-evacuated/index.html?client=safari
Glad that Trump isn't the biggest boob in the thread anymore.
You mean the Mia Khalifas of the world, I assume.
Without social conservative fathers, who will the hot daughters of America rebel against?
You're right, Trump is a master at making vague statements that could be considered literal or figurative depending on how much credit you want to give him.
Is Trump saying he wants to be president in the alternate reality in which Obama founded ISIS?
What else could it mean? He was talking about a situation in which she'd already won, so it wasn't about mobilizing to vote against her. And once she's elected, what other options do the "2nd amendment people" have to prevent her from choosing justices?
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