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The Firebirds Gus is talking talking about are all 63-65, pre Norlin.Jeff Beck is an interesting character, started off as a Page style rock bluesman and started to develop into fusion in the mid 70's when he switched to Strats and dropped the pick.
You're not wrong.
I have an SG with terrible neck dive and the only time it really bothered me was when my live group had a song where I had to clap and then go straight into a solo after. It wouldn't have been nearly as bad if I'd used a leather strap instead of a nylon strap, and putting a bigsby on would really have solved it!
Virtuoso is one of my favorite albums of all time. Speaking of old jazzers, I just watched The Wrecking Crew documentary last night and Tommy Tedesco was really something else. What an amazing musician. He was really a rocker in the end. I have my sights on a Bicentennial Firebird. Always wanted a Firebird, and the bending on this one is just..... they knew how to make a great thick neck in 1976.
The Whammy II is amazing. Mine is broken
What's wrong with having a zoom lens? I really want an Angeniux 2.8.
PSA: If you preorder the Boss DD500 from wwbw.com and use the offer code STEAL20 you get 20% off. I did this, because the DD500 looks awesome. I invite Pio especially to follow suit.
Gosh I love Summers' Tele. So gorgeous.
Which women do you think would have brought the intangible that you are so certain doesn't exist despite having only glimpsed a single still from this moving picture?
Bruce Thomas' bass playing on Elvis Costello's "This Year's Model" is absolutely incredible, if you've never taken the time to listen to it in depth.
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