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Why anyone would buy a brand new acoustic guitar is a mystery to me.
Certainly you more than anyone can appreciate the virtue of making money off of stupid idiots who spend thousands of dollars on sneakers instead of, I don't know, ANYTHING else?
Trying to sell Adidas Yeezy's on eBay is incredibly frustrating. The amount of lowball messages is astounding, not to mention the person who won asked after winning if I wanted local pickup or paypal, and when I said paypal ignored me and didn't pay. Did he plan to mug me?
God forbid.
Yeah having a power strip handy is a good thing. You don't need a power filter or conditioner or anything. Supposedly they hurt more than help, anyway.Somebody (Dunlop maybe?) just came out with an amazing looking new power supply. I'll try to recall who it was.EDIT: MXR Iso Brick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEsDEKE9JYg
I would put the Ravish toward the front, too.I like my volume pedals after distortion for swells, but it's a personal choice.As for the SuperEgo's loop, you can put something in, but not without taking it out of your chain, unless you get something designed to let you switch placements on your board, which is available but a pain. Up to you if there's something you'd only use in the chain (like chorus).
This is why I like having a boss pedal at the front and back end of the chain, just to get that buffer.
Fuck the loop.
IMO: Polytune Micro Diamond Compressor POG2 Big Muff You need a normal overdrive here. KTR? Red Llama? TS? Volume Pedal (could go at the very front, too) Chorus Carbon Copy SuperEgo Ditto Cathedral Not sure about the Ravish Sitar, what does it do? Is it mostly pitch shifting stuff? I find that stuff tracks better at the beginning of the chain. Experiment, especially with the placement of modulation.
Do you really need a pro? You don't have THAT many pedals, do you?pedalboardplanner.com is a good resource if you haven't already used it
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