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Oh yeah, super lame, I was just arguing against the notion that bassists are inherently more musically knowledgeable than guitarists. There are plenty bassists who get by fine without knowing how to play. Some of them have really great looking Fender signature basses!
OR, you can be like most rock bassists and jam on the root note of each chord.
I have to say I like the maple neck with the pearl inlays.
Oh yeah, good point. Actually fuck the 175, have you seen a blonde Gibson 225? One of my favorite looking guitars ever. (it looks the same as a 175 haha)
A "natural" or Mapleglo Rickenbacker bass, on the other hand, is 100% acceptable.
Would look 1000x better in black, or my favorite, lake placid blue.
This seems true. Though some guys collect a whole bunch of snares and cymbals, and you still have all your other weird percussion that you pick up in a similar manner to pedals.Why do you have a drum instructor?
I have a Gretsch kit currently, but I don't love it, and I have sub-par cymbals. I need an overhaul.
Yes, you're right, but I like the bright snap, so it does not bother me. It sort of gets you a bit of that Rickenbacker tone. Plus, you can easily take that back out with some flatwound nylon strings. But for ultimate versatility, yes you're probably right. And it is hard to find anything better looking than a mid 60's, rosewood fingerboard, black body J Bass with a tortoise guard.It's great, and a lot of pros use them.I have my eyes on a 70's J Bass on reverb.com right...
OK, fair enough. That's interesting about the artist sigs - I find it silly to think of it as a P neck on a J body unless you're actually pulling one off a P and sticking it on a J. But I'm guessing they are recreating instruments where the artists actually did that back in the day, so it's marketing.My friend has the Geddy Lee signature J bass, which has a really slim 70's style maple neck with a satin finish, and damn that bad boy is smooth. Love that bass. I like slim...
New Posts  All Forums: