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I feel like I'm getting a cold. Do I have ebola? Please advise.
I played a 1966 Pelham Blue reverse Firebird with P90s once through a 65 Deluxe Reverb. The tone was godly, maybe the best rock tone I ever heard. The guitar was nearly unplayable though.
SGs can be gorgeous. Especially Specials.
Me too. I don't think the RI series was poly.
My old bassist had a Geddy Lee sig. With some nylon flat wounds, that bass was ace.
I meant the MIA 80's stuff. They made some really nice basses in the 80's.
Rather than getting a custom shop, you could look at the 80's RI series. They are really nice.
If Bill Frisell is fine using an MIM tele, I think that says enough.
I've been on the A and the 1 in the past couple of days. Awwwweessoome.
On another note - the new EHX Pitch Fork is really, really great. Tracks really nicely
New Posts  All Forums: