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I bought a big box EHX Microsynth on eBay..... hmmmmm
No tomorrow at the Beacon playing the hits. I couldn't pick a single album.
Seeing them tomorrow.
Time to acquaint myself with a large and apparently shitty manual!
I have both. The Jag is a bit unreliable and the switching is awful, I plan to pull it all out in favor of Sonic Youth style electronics. But I LOVE the damn thing, especially for alternative music. The tremolo is light years better than a Strat, and really the best trem out there that isn't a dive bomb style (Floyd, kahler). The Strat is classic, and great for specific things. If you want a Strat sound, it's the only thing that's gonna get you there, and there are LOTS of...
They know exactly what they're doing.
SF group buy?
'66, but an old refin.
Let the old lady out for the first time in awhile. None of those amps work right now
I am not a fan of those flamed Fenders. They are pretty, but it seems like sacrilege.
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