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Damn, good job. I've literally been trying to figure out what sneakers these are since last year and saw this thread. Now to figure out where I can buy that color
Anyone know what type of sneakers the guy is wearing?
Good stuff. I've been experimenting with different hair methods routines. Right now i'm really digging a similar routine to what you posted. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap, rinse, Castile Liquid Soap, rinse, then Bronner's Citrus rinse. A huge key for me though is a tiny amount of coconut oil massage into my hair afterwords which actually allows me to style my hair. It's incredible how much different my hair reacts with that routine. Funny enough I'm finding coconut...
1. Grow your hair to that model's length or more. 2. Take your smart phone with you when you go to your salon/barber shop. 3. Show the barber/stylist your phone with the picture. 4. Ask your barber/stylist
From a time stand point I haven't found blow drying it to be much of a burden. I have a high end hair dryer like the op suggested and I can my hair done in well under 30 seconds(it's pretty short). The thing I do agree on to an extent about blow drying after a while can start to hurt it unless you get it cut often. It was interesting that andrew mention not to blow dry it if you are growing it out.What is your natural hair routine btw?
I found your original post a while ago on this and it was the most useful information on hair that i've read in my life. After reading your thread I immediately bought a Super Solano, some Beach Clay, Imperial Pomade and I was set.So one of my questions is on the use of a blow dryer every day. Is it bad for your hair? The thing i've notice is there seems to be a bit of toll on my hair with blow drying every day from my observation(drying out). I'm not using my Super...
Wait, what did you do? You got water stains at the bar?
Well the LP is really what I noticed if the application wasn't applied light/evenly on the first pass. I waited about 5 days and went to apply a second and a little heavier coating of LP and the boots soaked them up extremely nicely and pretty much had no uneven spots. Note these boots haven't been worn in the rain or any type of conditions as of yet. I think I wore them once. Just being extremely careful with them until Im confident on what they look like after sitting...
I just bought a black pair from a random Amazon store for $250. Not a good move, had a few nicks which wasn't too bad but I then discovered a nasty broken eyelet which literally sliced my finger when going to clean them. Trying to contact seller now. If they won't accept the return I guarantee the seller review I post will cost them since I'm going to have detailed pics and the whole nine yards.
You're missreading what I said. I didn't apply a light coat and had darker spots show up. The dark spots showed up only when more product was applied to a specfic spot more than another(by accident). In my opinion and by rockcrawler's opinion it is much easier to get uneven spots when going heavy on the application.I'm just offering my opinion from my experience with the boots. I'm not advocating applying one light coat and go compete in tough mudder.
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