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huddle chat looks cool. hangout is interesting. I wish they'd open up new e-mail domains like @gplus or something.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Why are the ads taking up 1/3 of my screen real estate? They're making me want to go to Styleguise (10). ...
Quote: Originally Posted by kgmessier best use of a white belt that I've seen. nice fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I personally like using the right hand margin for ads. I find them less obtrusive, but also more visible. That was actually one of the things that I really liked about this new format. . hate it.
Quote: Originally Posted by PockyUpNose I'm trying this look too, with a funky hoodie fantastic use of contrast between the graphic hoodie trend and the skinny tie trend.
Quote: Originally Posted by thatoneguy I've actually never dyed anything so this will be a first time thing. Still need to pick up some soda ash (I think) I just bought what they recommended on sz since it seems like they would know best. I'm trying to dye a grey backpack black, hopefully I won't screw up just make sure the backpack is damp (soaked then towel dried) before submerging it in the dye if you want the color to be consistent.
thatoneguy, How do you like Procion dyes? I see they offer a pretty broad color selection. I've only used RIT dyes and have never been that impressed with the outcome.
Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit Still on the fence about this one: Albam makes a similar looking harrington that you might want to check out.
Quote: Originally Posted by k.r. could benefit from a shorter shirt and chinos with a larger hem to balance out the shoes a bit. otherwise, pretty good.
Quote: Originally Posted by lamergod Love the chino. +1. If you'd have posted that fit a month ago, I'd have grabbed a pair before they sold out.
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