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Brooks has taken itself out of the marked by selling these shoes for $100.00 more than what Leather Soul is asking and $125.00 more than what Sky Valet is asking...at least they beat Paul Stuart by $48.00...
Yep, in answer to your question.
These are the very reasons I switched to pure cotton for dress shirts and merino wool for work out shirts.
That [side] stitching looks horrible! Nice color though.
I can't see where chukkas are an "adventurous” footwear. Chukkas are as conservative as footwear goes – the US Marine Corps authorizes its use (black leather or black patent leather} as part of its SNCO and Officer dress uniforms. Having said that, Color #8 and Cigar chukkas are my preferred footwear options, in this instance anyway…
Gentlemen,My bad. I humbly apologize; I should have been more careful/payed better attention to the details ...
You must have misunderstood the saleperson. Cleverly's RTW should be in the £365 to 400 range. The price you provide reflects their Semi-bespoke or Anthony Cleverly line. Look at Leather Soul Hawaii as an example: http://www.leathersoulhawaii.com/category/brands/cleverley/.
What's the fit like? Traditional - executive cut, or something trimmer?
Nice watch; ditch the watch band...
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