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didn't like rafi much last season but he's been hilarious in s4 especially in the finale "Look at me so I can finish Brian" also got two friends to watch the show and they said I'm just like Ruxin, regardless of what they meant by that I'm taking it positively cause he's IMO the funniest guy on the show
got dayum sheva is so fine
these were my thoughts toosecond episode was funnier than the first but the awkward humour thing could get old pretty quickly. the scene at the clinic where the girl mentioned she killed a rabbit without a permit made me lol though
Frank Ocean's the best thing that came out of this group's exposure. That's not to say I don't dig some of Tyler's music, Yonkers is good and he is a pretty good producer.
Quote: Originally Posted by ppjjmm [[SPOILER]] Yeah that's pretty scary. Like that one zombie climbed that fence pretty quickly, and in the first episode Morgan's wife was trying to open the door using the doorknob which is smart for a zombie.
Can't believe I'm the first to recommend Lost. The first few seasons are as good as tv gets and the last two seasons or so aren't as strong but it's still an amazing series. Also Dexter.
episode was pretty gay had to skip most of that shit
Turtle's tequila is probably laced with something.
Quote: Originally Posted by Psyren +1 can't stand the show or the characters I take this back.
Wicked trailer. Didn't know where they could go after the season 4 finale but this season looks like it'll be great maybe the best one yet. And dude you could have just bumped the dexter thread instead of making a new one just for the trailer.
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