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Hi, Really boring post i'm afraid but does anyone know of a good quality cobbler in the NW10 Willesden area of London. Thanks
I didn't find much difference between the to in relation to how tight the laces were able to go! Just that the point where the tongue joins the toe box felt tighter on the addison's. When I spoke to the guys in store they said they had experienced the same with other customers who had tried both Addison and the Original!!
I have both and am about to collect my 721's todays!! I find the point where the tongue joins the front of the boot at the bottom of the laces feel's tighter on the Addison style than the Original, but other than that they both feel great!! Which ever one you choose you will not be disappointed!
Picking up my Wolverine 721's today from Derby, UK can't wait to get them on my feet!! Is snoseal easy to get hold of in the UK?? Will post pictures shortly!! Loving the thread as well
Quote: Originally Posted by bbhewee Oooh... How much though? They will be retailing at £700.00 they have selected 3 retailers to release these boots in the first week in December. You should be able to search Wolverine 721 LTD online and find the retailers offering the boot!!
I have a couple of pairs and they do run very large I take an UK8 in an AS Dumfries boot which is wide and have taken a UK7 in both Wolverine Addison and Original. Hope that helps!!
These boots are awesome and are now available in the UK from December!! Should complement my Original's in Rust!!
Excellent boots and would really give the RM Williams boots a run for the money! They are a bit more rugged looking than the RM Williams and do fit about half a size large... They also do a Kangaroo skin version in a lighter tan that also look and fit very well..... you most certainly wont be wearing down the soles anytime soon they are built to last. Hope that helps
Is that true regarding the Rushden range from Grenson being made in India?
I would agree with txeconomist after debating between the AS Culford and Coniston myself I went for the AS Culford with no regrets!!
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