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Glenmorangie Scotch 18 Year (750 ML) It is a very decent scotch and it sells for $99.99.
I would like to sing the praises of FLIMSYCHICKEN. I had an outstanding sales experience with him and I am extremely satisfied with the product. I will certainly do business with him again.
I had a Shriner convention held at Higland Dell in Monte Rio, it was great.
I am interested, especially if they have a military theme.
North by Northwest, w/Cary Grant
Would there be any 42S available? Thanks for checking.
Truly, this is a very kind act. Therefore, I for a penny, in for a pound!
because you can go to Nordstrom Rack and get a greater quality HF suit for less.
It is amazing that in this day in age, we have educated men that are as ignorant as the OP not to mention the other SF posters that agree with him. I realize that the only reason for this thread is to get a rise out of all the posters, but you have to stand back and say what demented fuck would get a hard-on by raising the ire of fellow members. All I can say to you dude, is get a life.
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