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Oops sorry, post at wrong forum.
Jacket is sold. The shoes are still available.
Hey there I have a few item for sell. I am based in London, UK but willing to ship world wide. Paypal as a payment. If you are interested please PM me the item you want, including your country and postcode. I will reply with a total price (item+shipping) and my paypal address. Payment with in 24 hours after agreement, otherwise I will offer to other buyers. Any question is welcomed. (1) Reiss of London Grosvenor Shoes, bought for £139/ $225 SIZE : 10 US/ 9 UK / 43...
I doubt that Philantrophy part is anything but a marketing tools. I was so hyped with this bag and almost about to shell out my hard earned cash. What's more I live in the UK which means I have to pay for the shipping/ and likely import tax. Thanks to you guys you have just saved me big bucks. Now I can look and spend it on quality leather tote rather than buying from some dodgy business brothers who dare to spit in the customers face.
Would you ship to the uk, paypal being the payment of choice? really like it, couldn't find it in any store anymore. Thanks
I've been dying to get this bag by Andrew Marc. Anyone could recommend similar style in other brands? I can't even browse AM collection as it only points to outerwear. Don't know what's up with their website. I really love this style because it would fit my life so much. Urban environment, carry quite lots of stuff but the bag shouldn't be too big/ too small like in the picture! Need recommendations!
Thanks for your input guys. Common Projects certainly make fantastic shoes I have yet to see it in person but from the picture it might be a little too fat in the sole department and therefore make it looks rather clunky. I love PS's Musa slim fitting, if only PS could make plain shoes! And CP is quite pricey here in the UK though, they are selling it for £215 a pair! That's more expensive than my best dress shoes lol. Pridecake mentioned YMC, I have a look on their...
Hey thanks for your input, the shoes you mention do look nice indeed but a bit too many details for my taste. Ideally I want something like in my 2nd picture. d The shoes should be a little pointed at the toe tip because it helps me look a bit taller for a guy of 5'5" height. Also I intend to wear it with smart pants so something elegant like in the picture would be greatly appreciated. I just can't find them after the years long quest!
Hello Gents, I am looking for a good pair of shoes similar in shape to Paul Smith's MUSA. (This style seems to fit me best ) The shoes should be white, preferably Leather or high quality canvas and plain. The MUSA shoes look like this The reason I don't like them much because they seems to be too playful for my taste. Especially that standout red lace-hole. ideally I would like to buy a shoes like in this picture though I couldn't identify what brand it...
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