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My recent trip to Albam store in Soho got me an interesting dilemma. I've seen and tried their Grenson collab shoes. It's the new Brouge which cost £225 or about 370 USD. They look good. Very comfortable and all. I am not sure whether they worth the price. Some search on SF turns up that Grenson made good shoes. Better than Loake, Barker et al. but not up to par with Crocket, Green etc. £225 seems to be their regular premium line if I understood correctly. I am not...
Is that even necessary?
Hey guys, looking to buy a new desert boots here. I have tried one and really like it because they wear so well and comfortable. It's from COS. The silhouette is really slim but not dressy which I like it compare to all the desert boots I have tried. Hoping to wear it as everyday beater for all seasons. Now the store I went only have 3 colors which are solid black (ugly), Grey ( I like), REALLY bright tan (doesn't work with me). I like the grey ones a lot but was...
Let's just say that I'm complete jeans noob. I got one from COS, a selvedge jeans that fits good, looks good and affordable, about 105 USD. Now I am in for second pair of jeans. For that price (100-150 USD) I think I could do better with some research. So experts here please show me the light. I like indigo color so I can wear semi-formal and all out casual. Fit is slim, probably something like APC new standard. Any recommend brands? Diesel, APC, Replay how are they?...
Alien abductor. Tough and lonely work. Pretty gross, too.
Another price drop. These shoes need to go.
Update, price drop!
Details updated.
Damage...done!! This Barker is a stunner. Lucky I got it on sale. Pardon my love for Berluti knot. It just looks beautiful
Hi all, I am interested in this JCrew Bowery weekender Duffle bag. http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Mens...2457/22457.jsp Before I pull the trigger . I was wondering if anyone here has seen it or used it in person. I was wondering about the quality. I live in the UK and thus if the bag is not worth buying not only I have to pay for the bag, i have to pay for the shipping too. If you guys have similar looking bag please also recommend. I really dig this Jcrew...
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