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Just sticky it already lol
Been looking for these beautiful Burton in this specific color They are sold out in the UK and there aren't my size (9uk/ 10us / 43eu) available. The new color in PS Uk website is in tan but not pre-wornish tan which I don't really like. Willing to pay good price.
If you like something simple and neat check out Paul Smith Musa, either in canvas or leather. They come with good variety of colours, and are not expensive. Plus look much better than most sneakers out there. They are very comfortable too.
I have to stop watching Boardwalk Empire's last episode to read this thread. Pure entertainment.
Could anyone help me ID these shoes? If not possible I would like to know if there is any brand that have this particular color. Is it somewhat a light-chocolate? Really dig the color.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ippo Here's a real life pic of it: Looks pretty good from this pic I would say. Why would it only look good for someone who is 6'2"+? Thanks, definitely looks like a winner. gotta go for XS. Barbour never have anything for my 34" chest, always too big.
What's the consensus on Field mechanic's jacket? Does look great and the price isn't bad.
Nope I'm not obsessed with collab. I don't own any collab pieces in fact I think they inflate the price too much for what they are worth usually. The DB is just a coincidence, I bought the DB because they were the only DB on sale and probably the best DB i could get at that price. I wouldn't em at full retail, I just don't have that kind of cash to spare, or any collab pieces for that matter, just isn't worth it. And this is the reason I posted whether I should go for...
Thanks for your detailed insight pebble. I got a Grenson x Matches distressed suede desert boot (DB). It was for S/S 10 and they went on super sale so I managed to snatch the last pair. It costs £300 retail but I got it for £80. Can't beat that, and the style+ colour is just what I like. Better made than most DB at £80 out there. Fit better than my Barker suede Oxford too. Of course I won't be buying them at retail price, that's just stupid, totally not worth it at the...
They are made in the UK indeed. I've read album blogpost about how they go about making these shoes, pretty elaborated but I don't know if that's their Rose standard. That style you quoted just got out of commission, or more like sold out real quick, and they now going with less brouging in the shoes, hence the new version I posted. I guess I'm gonna go pick up one pair tomorrow and see how it goes.
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