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Why are you guys having debate on why Azn men couldn't attack white women :S This is so natural. It's the same as why most white men don't fancy black women, or White women doesn't fancy black men. People can associate more with the opposite sex from the same ethnic group, and generally tend to find other ethnic group alien irrespective of their appearance (being handsome/ pretty is a plus no doubt). Course, there are gazillions of azn girls crazy for the Twilight boys,...
Allsaints : Some stuff are good, but generally over priced. I got one nice quality duffle winter coat on discount. Most of their stuff aren't worth retail price better wait for sale/ mid season sale. They have lots of stuff overstock, but if you dig their style then go for ebay uk. People are all crazy over it and there are lots of All saints on auction all the time.
Gonna reask this, anyone know the maker of the shoes he sports? Looks like Mark McNairy but the sole is different. The colour is amazing.
Thanks for your observation. I don't know if the sale tote is good price since Mismo produces several totes. Check price here
I am really liking Mismo utility bag, however I fear they might be too big for everyday use. It sure looks puffy in the picture. Has anyone own this bag IRL? How do they fare ?
Can anyone help me ID these saddle shoes? Looks like Makr Mcnairy but the sole seems different. I found it on tumblr but the picture has no description.
I seconded the S/E asia problem. If you live here you will see that's wearing expensive raw jeans can be quite a challenge considering 1. it's real hot 2. it makes you much much more sweaty especially when you wear thick fabric like jeans. I am not a sweaty person at all yet I can feel my jeans getting real dirty inside after a few times of wear. You can probably get away with it not washing your jeans if you live in cold climate weather. Now I live in London, bought Albam...
Hey all, interested in buying Albam Trail parka, or Hillwalker in SIZE 0. If you can't remember what they are here's the picture. If you have one for sell PM me. I will pay good price. Really love them but never manage to buy one before sold out. Trail parka Hill Walker
Anyone know where would be the best place to buy Filson 256 in say, brown in the UK? Most popular online retailer charge at least almost 2x the US price :S. May be importing it myself would be cheaper after all? Best, T
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