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I am looking to buy this Sienna blue suit. I want a plain suit with a little texture. From the shot it seems like a faded pinstripe pattern. I am not sure if this their lighting or the clothe has this effect. Would you say it's a stripe blue or more of a plain blue? I can't tell without looking at the real thing. Also, would wool-casmere blend be good for all-year suit? I work in tropical climate. I fear it might be too...
I wished I have known this. Thanks for sharing. Will update my status later if I hear something back for them so that people don't fall victim again.
I placed my order last November when the shoes was a preorder, and I did receive the confirmation and nothing after that.I managed to contact Jon (part of ROTM) on his tumblr just now. Will have to see what he have to say.
I picked up from various threads that people have preordered or bought stuff from them, but as you rightly said, not that many. Though everyone complained about delay in their first batch. I have also seen that people do receive their order from last year, and the latest one this year (he was selling it here on SF so I asked him). These guys behind the company are well known to some degree. They are on twitter (LAS from Sartinclined) etc. I wouldn't think they would be a...
Sorry for the bump, but I am really at lost. Shoes are paid for, can't be refund, and now impossible reach the seller.
Hmm. Guess not many people buy stuff from them. Without their previous reputation I would start to think this is some kind of fraud to be frank.
Hi Just want to check our forum members have received their ROTM order yet? I pre-order the double monk shoes and I have heard nothing since. Never get any status update. Emailed them many times never get a single reply. Messaged their twitter, even the person involve personal's twitter and get nothing whatsoever. I am moving my house soon so I want to know if the shoes will arrive beforehand. It's utterly frustrating to not know anything at all. I understand they have...
Has anyone been able to successfully contact ROTM about their orders? The wait time is beyond frustrating not to mention the lack of communication.. I've sent a few emails enquiries but never get any reply. Don't know if the question fits here but seems like lots of SFers did order stuff from them.
Hey, sorry to resurrect the thread but I think it's better than creating a new one. I have these Barkers suede derby and it need some resoling. The leather sole has worn out. I want to have danite soles on them so I rang several cobblers that were recommended on this thread. Barker wants £90 and 4 weeks turnover. John Rushton wants £80 and 10 days Mayfair Cobbler wants £80 and a few days. The shoes only costs £190 and they are my beater, I don't want to spend that much...
Thx, agreed I think Herring's colour looks a bit dull. I am going to ask them to send me real pictures of both shoes and see how that works out.
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