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McTavish and Lubbock. Love'em. Great with jeans, casual suiting.
Red Dawn and Rocky IV combined. How could it be anything else. Those two movies alone were responsible for ending the cold war.
I see and also wear plenty of suits in this color during the warmer months. I also practice criminal law, so while you probably wouldn't want to wear it during a jury trial I think you will be fine any other time.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Meh...I went on a break from Entourage during Season 6 and caught up before watching the premiere. It's more of the same....not necessarily a good thing or a bad just is. I will reiterate that the most interesting aspect of the show is when Ari Gold does business (i.e. buyout of TMA at end of Season 6). I wish that was a show unto itself. Also, Ari's Persol's in the Season 7 premiere were fucking...
I strongly prefer convertible cuffs. Can dress them up with cuff links, or use buttons for those times you don't want to be too flashy.
I could care less if somebody is flirting with my lady. I don't really feel the need to mark my territory. Just means she is attractive to the opposite sex. I know who she is coming home with. Now if she is flirting with someone else while I'm there, that is a whole other set of problems.
I've got a pair of convertible pants by TNF. They kill it for hiking. Lightweight, dry easily and tons of pockets. If it gets cold you can throw leg warmers on for warmth. I've been hiking/tramping in them for going on five years now (in the rockies) and have never switched. Edit: Not exactly the same but similar to these -
Can't go wrong with a royal or light blue. Still understated but provides a good contrast.
Much, much better.
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