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These are new APC Anglais I got last week - ithe back pocket was a nice add on. Attachment 28 Attachment 29 Attachment 30
Wow, I didn't know Babar was known in the US (my ignorance) it warms my heart. I am a bit surprised (though we are not on AAAC) that no one mentioned Arthur who is probably the most trad in the family with his sailor outfit Attachment 24
What is the price range of these suits?
From April 6-16 you can get 30% off The coupon code is SPRING2006
Quote: Originally Posted by joseanes Will love to see what you get on the next order on 14.5 me too
I have a few shoes - good price for loakes but you can do better. I have a tie which looked better on the website than in real life.
what about this one:
Has anyone tried the Francis Francis? Illy has a nice deal on it if you subscribe to their coffee program for 4 months.
This one is quite good
it's a beautiful shirt I have to say
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